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-Kaguya POV

I made it to class early. I sat next to the window with Rin on my right side. A few minutes later, students started to fill in. Naruto waltz inside the classroom. I smirked as Naruto glared at Sasuke.

"What do you want Dope?" Sasuke asked.

"Teme!" Naruto growled. Someone in front of Naruto pushed him towards Sasuke. Rin and I were laughing at them. They were kissing each other. After their shared moment, all of Sasuke's fan girls were going crazy.

"Cute..." Rin said.

"Take a picture, it will last longer." I said with a smirk. She stopped laughing and tried to pout. A few moments later Iruka-sensei came in.

"All right... settle down now... I'm going to announce the teams..." Iruka-sensei said. Everyone sat down. I notice different chakra signatures in the corner of my eye. Rin made eye contact but decided not make a fuss. Iruka started to name all the teams (everyone is in the same teams).

Naruto raises his hand. "Why do I have to in the same team as him!" He yelled. I zoned out of his speech. At the end of the teams, only Rin and I weren't called.

"Rin! Kaguya! The two of you will become part of a team. Your third teammate will be someone from a different class." I nod my head in understanding. Rin did the same.

~mini time skip with mini hamburgers~

Rin and I were waiting for our third teammate, including our sensei at a training area. After a few minutes two chakra signatures appeared. As they got closer, one of the chakra signature was recognized.

I grabbed a couple of fans out. The fans were closed but when they opened, it had the Otsutsuki clan symbol and when you add chakra, spikes would come out at the tip.

"K-Kaguya! What are you doing!?" Rin yelled out. That same chakra signature stopped moving. I clicked my tongue.

The second continued on ahead. Then the first one disappeared. At that moment I put both fans in front of me. That same person was in front of me, trying to push me back. I growled.

The person has short brown hair, wearing a fish nets shirt with a red shirt above and black ninja pants and shoes. The boy narrows his eyes at me. Someone started to clap for us.

"Good job! But we're not here to fight." The lady said.

"A-Are you our sensei...?" Rin asked. The lady smirked. She has long, straight black hair with red eyes. She was wearing a Jonin vest, with a green skirt, fish net leggings and black ninja shoes.

"Yup!" She said with a smile. "Now, put your weapons down and sit down~" The boy and I put our weapons away and sat down. Rin was between the two of us.

"Good! Now introduce your self's with likes, dislikes, hobbies and dreams." The new sensei said. "I'll go first! My name is Yumi Yamamoto. I love ramen, training, and my teammates. I hate irogant people and people who destroy's others happiness, my hobbies are reading and learning new seals and my dream... well that's some thing you'll have to learn on our own..." Yumi-sensei winked at the end.

"I-I'll go next..." Rin spoke up. "My name is Rin Nohara. I like training and Kaguya... and other people in Kohana. I hate people who abandoned their friends and people who get hurt. My hobbies are studding medicine and reading. My dream... is to reunite with a friend of mine" Rin grind in a sad way.

I see... after all. HE is being manipulated by Zetsu. Every thing can change. I thought with a smirk. Out of the corner of my eye, the boys fist was closing.

"You're next, boy." Yumi-sensei said. The boy looked annoyed.

"I'm not a boy." He said. "My name is Tenji Urahara... I like training. I dislike war and violence . I don't have hobbies but I have a dream to save that person from themselves." He looked at me. I ignored him and continued to look at our new sensei.

"My name is Kaguya Otsutsuki. I don't really like anything. I dislike a lot of things. I don't have any hobbies. As for my dream... it's a secret..." I said with a smile. They were surprised. Yumi-sensei coughed to get our attention.

"Okay... tommrow we will do a small exercise. It's a way to get to know each other better and learn each other's fighting style." The three of us stood up. "Your all dismissed."

The three of us walked away. Tenji glared at me. "What's wrong? Cat got your tongue?" I said. I walked away from Tenji and Rin.

(A/N: Sorry to put this note here... I was wondering what you guys that of Yumi... I haven't decided what I'm going to do with her and I would like your guys opinion...)

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