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~Kaguya's POV

"Go!" Someone yelled. I quickly took off with Tenji and Rin at my side. As we ran, Rin gave out hand signals. Tenji and I did a quick nod. The three of us parted ways. Rin went right while Tenji went left.

I continued straight ahead. After a few seconds, a cat with a red bow appeared. In my ear was a  ear piece. I pushed a button to talk. "The target is heading straight."

The cat jumped down to the ground and ran into Tenji and not Rin. He quickly captured the cat. "Target acquired..." Rin and Sensei appeared.

"Mission accomplished!" Sensei yelled. The cat starts to meow. The four of us walked back to the Hokage tower. As the three of us entered, another team was coming out.

"Rin-san!" A loud, anxious voice yelled. Rin smiles and runs up to the other team. I felt my eye twitched.

"Naruto!" She said. "How are your missions?" Naruto gives her a big goofy grin.

"Good! We're finally getting a higher ranking mission." Naruto bragged. After a few minutes of watching Naruto and Sasuke, Tenji dragged me away. I pulled away once we got inside.

"What are you doing...?" I growled. He rolls his eyes.

"I should be the one to ask you. After all... you're looking at Naruto and Sasuke as a prey."

"I am not... and I can't help it..." I trailed off.

"Quit it!" He hissed. "If not, I'll do something about it."

"Do something about what?" Another voice inruptes. We turn around to see Sensei and Rin. They narrow their eyes.

"Nothing important." I said in a cold voice. "Let's go. I don't have all day..." I was the first to move forward. I arrived to the Hokage's office before the others.

"Enter!" A loud, old voice yelled. The whole teams enters the room with the cat. On the left side of the room had a large lady (different cat and lady...). She ran over and grabbed the cat.

"Thank you for finding my cat!" She hug the cat to death. I grunted with Tenji and Rin. The lady and the cat left.

"Thank you..." Lord Third said.

"Now for your next mission..." Iruka said. "We have baby sitting, yardwork,..."

"Can we also get a harder mission Lord Third!?" Rin begged. Iruka chocked and started to cough. "Like a B ranked mission...?"

"Are you crazy! That's-"

"Enough..." Everyone looked at the Third. "I believe your team is ready to handle this mission..."

"Lord Third?" Yumi-sensei and Iruka asked.

"Your team is different from any other team. That is the reason why I had you become their sensei Yumi. Now for your mission..." Iruka started to rub his head.

"Very well..." Iruka said.

"I need you guys to deliver a scroll to the Kazekage... its very important." Lord Third said. He pulled out a scroll with a seal. "Only he can undo the seal. Your team will leave as soon as possible."

"Very well..." Yumi sensei said. "We will be back as soon as possible." Lord Third nods his head.

"You guys are dismissed." The four of us walked out of the office.

"We will meet in 20 minutes." Yumi-sensei said. The rest of us nod in agreement and disappeared. I quickly appeared in front of the Hyuga compound. As I walked in, I was greeted by a couple of maids. I greeted them back and went straight to my room. I grabbed kunai knifes, paper bombs, shurikins, and other material. Once I was done, I left to meet up with the rest of my team. 

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