= Chapter 7 =

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"You don't love someone for their looks, or their clothes or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear."

- Jeremy Lockhart


Smiling sweetly at the lunch lady, I mentally prayed that she had reserved an amazing 5-star meal as a 'new girl in school' treat . Unfortunately, she dumped a spoon full of mash potatoes and waved her hand in the air, motioning for me to leave.

Pouting my lips, I walked over to an empty table to eat. I got a few hungry glances from the boys that sat across me, I felt like the last meat on earth to be honest.

"Stop staring, you might be able to afford your lunch but you can't afford me!!" I shouted over to the boys at that table who immediately looked away with a few chuckles being heard.

Smirking in approval, I looked around the canteen to find a familiar pair of blue eyes staring at me intensely.

Hasn't he learnt a lesson after I kicked him?

"SKYLAR!! I finally foun-HOLY FUCKENTINO!!" Dante shouted out to me before tripping over the bucket of plates.

Wait did he just combine his family name, Valentino, with fuck?

After cursing loudly for a few times more, he finally jogged over to me. I smiled amusingly at him.

"Is falling our thing? Cause every time we meet, either one of us would fall." I commented.

"Sure babe it could be our thing." He winked.

Sitting beside me, he slid a brown paper bag across the table with a mischievous smile.

Furrowing my eyebrows in confusion, I was about to question him but he immediately placed his finger on my lips, 'shh-ing' me.

"I don't regret my action." He said before removing his finger from my lips, leaving me slightly shock.

Opening the packet that he slid across, the fresh delicious smell of fries and burgers assailed my senses.

My eyes twinkled with pure happiness before I hugged Dante with so much love. I wanted to kiss him badly but I'll be only doing that because of the fries, not because I had feelings for him..I hope.

"THANK YOU DANTE!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! Wait...how did you even get this?"

Placing me back down on my seat after I literally jumped on him, he gave me a mischievous grin.

"Why have lunch food when you could sneak out of school to get better food?" He simply said and that was all I needed to know to understand what he did.

"Oh right, I forgotten that we are 15 and have to constantly stay in school compounds."

"I'm 16 though and plus, you should know by now that I don't follow the rules."

"I'm turning 16 too in 3 months and as far as I know, you're no bad boy."

He stared at me hard for 30 seconds straight as if he was having some sort of flashback. Snapping my fingers in front of his eyes I finally got his attention.

"Are you okay, Dante?"

"Yeah, I just spaced out I guess..." He said in uncertainty.

I had a feeling he knew something I didn't.

Right at that moment, Jordan and some other guy with platinum blonde hair came to sit with Dante and me.

"Damn Skylar, is your Dad a baker? Cause you've got a nice set of buns!" Jordan wiggled his eyebrows playfully

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"Damn Skylar, is your Dad a baker? Cause you've got a nice set of buns!" Jordan wiggled his eyebrows playfully.

"Is your Dad a plumber? Cause you're a piece of sh*t. " I countered back.

"Ooooo bro you just got rejected." The platinum blonde guy snickered.

"Oh just shut up Brad, everyone knows that she loves me." Jordan blew a kiss at me which made my face twist in disgust.

"Nah man, she loves me more cause I brought her food so would you mind backing away?" Dante joked.

"I'm out of here, why don't all of you just go screw each other? That would solve the problem, wouldn't it?" I suggested.

Dante started making gagging noises, Brad shivered in disgust while Jordan tried kissing them both.

Typical Jordan.

"I thought you guys wanted me? I thought you loved me!!" Jordan whined like a girl.

"Why would I love trash?" Brad raised an eyebrow which caused Jordan to gasp in fake shock.

"Speaking of trash, I'm gonna go throw my rubbish." I stood up casually before a tray of mash potato splattered all over my new white top.

The whitish mash potato splattered not only over my blouse but my hair. All pairs of eyes were on me, a few murmurs and gasps ran through the crowd.

My eyes darted at the person who bumped into me. I expected an apologetic look but no. In front of me, stood a smirking brunette. Her face was caked up with layers of make up and don't get me started with what she was wearing.

"Oops, sorry hun' " she flipped her thick curls of hair over her shoulder, and regret was definitely not lacing in her words.

Other students started crowding around us to listen to the drama, I could see a few secretly filming this whole situation.

Taking a deep breath, I gave her a sweet smile.

Stay calm Skylar, you don't want to go back there. Don't waste your anger on her.

"Don't worry about it but...when karma comes back to punch you in the face, I want to be there in case it needs help." I said with a glint of mischief.

She furrowed her eyebrows angrily and somehow she looked like Dante. Her friend that stood behind, placed her hands on her hips in a confronting manner.

"Do you know who we are?" The platinum blondie questioned while taking a step forward, she had similar features to Brad.

Why do they always ask that?

And why do fights always happen during lunch?

"Yes, you're the types who don't know how to introduce themselves properly." I said before the brunette raised her hand to slap me.

I grabbed her swiftly by the wrist, before twisting it behind her back which made her whine in agony.

"SKYLAR STOP!" Jeremy yelled loudly at me before removing my grip from her wrist.

Dante stood beside me in a protective manner while the brunette slowly stood up in exaggerated pain.

"Are you out of your mind?!" Jeremy's eyes swirled with different emotions, I couldn't figure it out but then it just click!

"No this is what you call self defense. And I think I'm getting the picture.."

"What do you mean?" Curiosity sparked within him.

"She's your girlfriend, isn't she? The mean Emily Valentino, Dante's sister. Am I right?"

Emily narrowed her eyes at me.

"You know, you guys fit together perfectly. The weakling boyfriend gets the manipulative defenseless girlfriend. I totally ship it." I smirk at my bitterness, before leaving the cafeteria with Dante having his arm around my shoulder.

Despite his attractive looks, Jeremy will never be my type.
He is one of those people who never suffered in their lives, who got everything they wanted with the snap of his fingers. He thinks he knows everything that happens around him but the truth is...

he is as lost as every person here.

Good boys are not my type...

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