*•✿Chapter 1✿•*

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**¨'*•Chapter 1•*¨'**

I stood there, looking out of the window. Snow flakes were falling down, slowly, hesitantly as if trying not to disturb the ground. They cover the ground by their cold, soft, sheets of white. Making the whole city look so clean and bright. Was God putting a temporary disguise on the hideous threats that ran wild here? That were destroying humanity?

"Belle, we have to go" said my father from behind me. He put his hands on my shoulders. This was hard for both of us. We were leaving our lifes behind and moving on. He turned me around and I looked up into his green eyes. He had aged before time. My father, Dario Crolla was only 45years of age. The sadness in his eyes sent knives through my heart. The depth of pain was hard to look at so I wrapped my arms around him, nuzzling my face in the comfort of his chest. He held on to me tight.

"Belle. . .shall we?" his voice cracked. This was harder for him. I had good memories here, with him but he, he had loving and cherishing memories of her.

The one that got away.

The one that left.

The one that didn't spare a backwards glance.

The one that didn't even say goodbye.

My mother.


Yeap its short. Me know this. Lol.

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