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We all change
We all grow up
We all see highs and lows
We all have a past of old
And a future of the new
And one day

We all move on

This is my time to bid you all farewell.

It has been a hard decision to make but it is one I made.

I learned alot. Gained love, appreciation, fans, friends and enemies. I cried, laughed was happy and many times sad. That has been my journey on wattpad since November 2011.

Gaining 94 000 fans, over 13 million reads on my 5 main books...was something I never fathomed to have.

But this part of my life is over

Some may feel cheated and betrayed and some wull be happy and full of glee. To the ones who feel hurt I am sorry but this is something I must do for me. To the ones full of glee, good luck with that, what you give is what you get in return; karma be a biatch.

To my friends, I love you.
To my edibles, you were my support, my rock, my kick up the rear and a blessing too.

Love you all.

Queen Shazneem.



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Destined To Be His: Forthcoming Book

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Description: For Anabelle it had always been just her and her father. Now shes entering a world, she knew not exsisted. Secrets revealed now what will she do? Will she find out what happened to her mother? Who her mother is? Will the one shes destined to be with...

Hi my edibles! 
      I popped in for a quick hello and update on me.
      I am safe, happy and life is getting there.
      I miss you all. I truly hope you all are happy in your lives.
      For those who need to know; 
      Just because I bidded farewell didn't and doesn't mean I dont and won't pop in. That I don't read all the comments on my message board and inbox.
      The reason I do not reply is so Your hopes dont get up. So I do not lead you and hurt you. But it doesn't mean I don't give a damn and don't care (as some have stated)
      What you guys mean to me no one knows and neither do I have to explain myself.
      My true edibles are amazing, loyal and truly understanding.   What I won't have is people saying I don't care and how I didn't deactivate my account etc.
      I left thid account open so my edibles could leave messages and write what they felt. So they could talk to eachother. 
      I love you all and you may not know me completely but I gave you all a piece of me via my writing and messages;  a piece of my heart. 
      Till next time my gorgeous edibles!
      Queen Shazneem
Wow. I can't think enough to tell you the right words. My heart is breaking. I love all your books and I don't understand why you left. Really you're one of my favorite author. It feels like you left me hanging. It hurts to know that your journey ended this way. I want to cry. But then, if that decision made you happy, then I guess it's really a good bye now. Really I'm crying right now. I'm a fan of yours not just because of the stories you wrote, but because Im a fan of your own story. I remember waiting for you to online and do some updates but i guess it's over now. I hope you're happy. I just wanna say that I still love you ❤
wow.Hey Queen of the edibles know what you really do you like using this link weakness it's kind of funny but I guess I miss you what kind offer you are so Seeza really good bucks this message came out wrong I was gonna see you at writing your good at writing keep up the good work