Ki$$ & $ell--Chapter Twenty Three

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Chapter Twenty-Three

 “I’m so sorry about all of that,” Ryder apologized once we were inside the stretch limo that MTV had rented for us.

            After we’d finished filming at my house, and the crew had gotten the shots they needed for the show, Ryder and I had jumped into the car that was waiting outside, and headed to a restaurant two towns over for dinner before the dance. It was a good thing they’d gotten us a limo, because the cameras followed us inside and taped us as we made small talk and joked around.

            It was interesting being on this side of a reality show. I’d always been a fan of the programs in the past, mostly because I was dying to see what it was like to live a celebrity’s life. And I know everyone says it’s scripted or that reality TV isn’t really reality at all, but I didn’t buy it. What I was beginning to see is that it’s real—to a certain extent.

            Like, they’d have us start talking and if one of us said something that was funny, one of the producers would ask us to say it again to make sure they had it. Or if they felt like our conversation was getting a little stale, they’d “suggest” topics for us to talk about. Some of these included celebrity breakdowns and comebacks, what we thought really went on at high school dances and whether the vampire thing was totally dead in its coffin.

            Now that we were finally in the car alone and on our way over to the school, we found ourselves falling into a comfortable banter. One that didn’t include any of the previously mentioned topics. Instead, our conversation turned to Ryder, his work and the many rumors that were flying around about him.

            “Did you really kiss your male co-star when you auditioned for A New Dawn?” I asked, unable to hide my desire for a little dirt. “I was looking for it on YouTube, but couldn’t find it. Perez Hilton swears he’s seen it, though. So, what’s the real deal?”

            “You went all You-Tubular on me?” Ryder teased. “If you must know, there was a lip-lock and it was between me and a co-star. But it wasn’t who you think it was.”

            “Who was it?” I practically shrieked with delight. “Come on, tell me. I promise I won’t say anything. I already kept this whole night a secret, which made my friends all pissed at me, by the way. I think I deserve something for keeping my lips zipped.”

            I crossed my arms and pouted jokingly, while giving him my best version of puppy dog eyes.

            “Aw, don’t look at me like that,” Ryder said, looking pained. “Fine. But it’s not in my nature to kiss and tell. Even if it was an acting thing.”

            “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Spill!”

            Ryder laughed and then looked around the empty limo dramatically before leaning over and whispering the name in my ear.

            “No freaking way!” I screeched, causing Ryder to throw his hands over his ears. My mouth dropped open as I tried to picture the scenario that was now in my head. “Was that….”

            “Awkward?” he finished for me. “A little, but that’s how it is when you’re doing kissing scenes. It’s just a job. And not nearly as romantic as it seems.”

            I shot him a disbelieving look. No way him and his co-star had stopped canoodling when the cameras had been put away. The scene was practically famous among people my age and even earned “Best Kiss” at the MTV Movie Awards. Even I wasn’t stupid enough to think you could put on a performance like that and not enjoy it just a little bit.

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