Ki$$ & $ell: Chapter Three

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Chapter Three

I’d had this re-occurring dream ever since I was a kid, where I was at school and everyone around me was pointing and laughing. I had no idea what was so funny and couldn’t remember how I’d gotten there in the first place. The room would start to spin as I turned around and around, looking into unfamiliar eyes that all seemed to be mocking me. The spinning always got faster, until I was so dizzy that I fell down. And that was usually when I woke up.

            I was having that same feeling right now, only I wasn’t asleep, and I wasn’t going to wake up in a cold sweat in my bed. Because I actually was at school.

“Are people looking at me weird?” I asked, lowering my eyes to stare at the ground as McCartney, Phin and I walked down the hallway the next day.

            “No,” Phin said. “But if you keep looking at the floor you’ll probably run into someone and then everyone will be staring at you for-sure.”

            I glanced up from my feet long enough to shoot an icy glare at him.

“Chill out, Arielle. We aren’t even sure anyone knows about it yet,” McCartney said with a frown. “Come on, we’ve got a few minutes before class. Let’s go and check it out.”

            I fought to keep up with them as they sped to the nearest computer lab, which wasn’t exactly easy to do with my eyes still downcast. It’s also not something I’d recommend, even if you are in stealth mode.

Once we were safely in the nearly empty room, McCartney sat down in front of a computer and I waited silently as she pulled up my eBay account.

            “Nobody’s even looked at it yet,” McCartney muttered after a minute, frustrated.

            “Told you no one would want to bid on a kiss from me,” I said, looking around to make sure no one was listening.

            “Dude, you’ve got to turn that frown upside down,” Phin said. “It’s all about attitude. If you think something long enough, eventually you’ll feel like it’s true. So, just start thinking you’re worth kissing and the kisses will come.”

            “I guess,” I said, surprised to hear this come out of his mouth. “Since when are you all smart and stuff?”

            “Gee, thanks,” Phin answered sarcastically.

            “I just mean that, well, that was sort of profound.”

            “I’m sneaky like that,” Phin said winking at me. “You two don’t know everything about me. I’ve got plenty of surprises up my sleeves.”

            I was about to ask him exactly what he’d been keeping from us, when we were interrupted by a voice behind us.

            “Wow! You’re seriously selling a kiss on the internet?” a girl said loudly enough for anyone within earshot to hear. I recognized her from fifth period geometry, but for the life of me, I couldn’t remember her name. Not that I felt all that bad…it was only the second day of school after all. And I’d never really had a great memory.

            “Uh, yeah, sort of,” I said slowly.

            “Huh. That’s funny. Never would have pegged you to be the type,” she said.

            Wait, I’d only talked to this girl for about five seconds, and she already knew what “type” I was? I guess first impressions really were important. Did my plaid skirt and pink tank really scream, “I wouldn’t sell my kiss on eBay?”

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