Trent x cold! rebel! reader fluff ((EDITED))

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~ Warning swearing and bad spelling this story is a FLUFF dont like dont read~

~Your POV~

Today is one of the coldest days in south park, and the worst part is I left my jacket at home... THIS SUCKS! Today I have detention for telling off the teacher, after my detention, I went to the cafeteria to graffiti, I check my phone it was 7 pm. My eyes widened and I ran to the exit of school, I tried opening the door but it wouldn't open.

I sighed and looked for another exit, but it was all locked. I walked into the halls and the cold breeze hit me, I started to shiver. I walked the empty halls trying to find so warmth, I walked to the nurse's office.

I looked through the cardboards looking for a blanket but they there all gone, I walked back into the halls and heard footsteps getting closer to me, my eyes widened and I ran in the opposite direction.

The footsteps got louder and faster, then I felt a hand on my arm. I screamed and punched whatever it was, "OUCH!!" It yelled letting go of me, I look at it and it was... Trent Boyett!!


"I ran after you because I'm stuck in there to" he said holding his arm that I obviously hit.

"Oh..sorry, and how are you not cold," I said feeling too cold again,

"Because of him smart and brought a jacket and it's going to get colder when it hits midnight," he said

"Well I'm fucked, I'm going to die tonight," I said.

"Well (y/n) you better follow me," he said walking down the hall, I didn't day anything but followed him. He leads me to this abandoned room at the end of the hall.

He grabbed a key from his pocket and unlocked it, he opened the door and lead me in. I walk in and saw that the room has carpet, a tv, a game console and a mountain of pillows and blankets, I ran to it and grabbed a blanket. I heard Trent chuckle, I look at him and he closed the door.

"Well since I know my hideout, I may use it... ONE CONDITION YOU DONT TELL ANYONE ABOUT IT" He said, I nodded my head and looked at my phone, it was 11 pm. I yawned and grabbed a pillow, I lay down but couldn't get comfortable. I felt Trent lay next to me, and I could tell that he couldn't get comfortable either.

"You can't get comfortable?" I said, looking over at Trent. He sighed "No... are you still cold?" he said moving closer to me, I nodded. He moved closer and I could feel the warmth.

I moved closer and around my arms around him, putting my head on his shoulder. I slowly started to fall asleep, he wrapped his arm around me putting his head on mine.

"(Y/n) I love you" Trent said making me blushing

"I love you too Trent," I said falling asleep. I felt his soft lips on my forehead, I fell asleep thinking I should be locked in school more... I was about to fall asleep when I felt something hard pointed my leg... this is going to be interested...

~Soz that its short~

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