Chapter 2

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Kate's p.o.v.
   As I stood outside the school waiting to get onto the bus, I watched him start up his truck and leave. He of course saw me watching and I just had to rev his engine a few times, before speeding out of the parking lot.
    Ugh! I thought. Men.
    The bus finally pulled up to the door, and I got on. As I was walking towards the back I got jostled around and shoved into a seat. I scooted over to the window and stared out. The bus started moving. As we made a few stops, I watched the houses turn into wheat fields and old farmhouses.
     After about twenty minutes, the bus stopped at the end of my driveway. As I was getting out, I heard a few of the jocks start whistling and catcalling.
      "Nice boots!" On of them said.
      " Meybe you should have ridden a cow to school! You've got the boots for it!" Another yelled and high fived his friend.
     I had a really snappy remark, but I kept my eyes forward and thanked the driver.
     I got off and breathed in the fresh country air. The bus sped away, as if even it couldn't get away fast enough.
    More for me. I thought.  I power walked and was at the house in about five minutes. As I walked toward the house I looked over and saw a strange truck parked over by the barn.
     Wait a minute. That was his truck. What in the world?
      I walked into the house dropping my bag on the floor in the mudroom.
     "Dad! There's this strange truck par- oh!" I walked into the dining room and saw him sitting with my dad at the table. "Hi," I said stupidly. He turned around and gave me his dazzling smile. If I didn't have such a strong stomach I probably would've fainted. He recognized me and his brow furrowed.
    "You live here?" He asked.
    Before I could answer my dad said, "oh so you two know each other? Great! You guys talk and I'll go get some more lemonade." He pushed up from the table and went into the kitchen.
     "Sorry for leaving so soon but I've got chores to do." And with that I practically ran out the door.

Hunter's p.o.v.
    You should have seen the look on her face when she saw me. Of course, I was almost as surprised as she was when she walked in. Who woulda thought, that her of all people lived here.
     " Did she leave so soon? That's like her." My thoughts were cut off when her dad walked back in, with two glasses of lemonade. Again.
    "So. You're off Wednesdays and Sundays, you work after school and in the weekends. How's that work?"
   Her dad was the kind to get straight to the point. Not waste any time.
    "Works great! Should I get started now?" I asked.
    "Yup. The fence needs fixing and the stalls need cleaning. Talk to Kate about which stalls need it. She knows where the tools are." With that he got up and left the room.
    Okay than.
    I pulled my boots back on and went outside. As I was walking towards the barn, I saw Kate in the round pen working with a horse. She had the horse loping in circles, and whenever the horse would try to turn in before she asked it too, she raised her arms and he went the other way. I stood there watching for a few moments. All of a sudden, she just stopped. She turned her back on the horse and stood there. The horse stood and looked at her for a minute, before coming in and nuzzling her shoulder. Kate turned and put the halter on. She led the horse out and into the barn.
     I quickly jogged after her. I waited until she had put the horse in his stall.   When she finally walked out I said, "your dad said to ask you where the tools are and which stalls need cleaning."
     "Tools are in the tack room and all the stalls need cleaning. The buckskin I just put In can be put out in the pasture." She walked of toward what I guessed was the tack room. She grabbed a lead rope off the hook and brushed past me.
     I followed her a little ways and watched her whistle out to the pasture. A gorgeous skewbald paint horse came galloping I'm from the field. Kate took a running start and vaulted onto his back. While the horse was galloping, she leaned down and hooked the lead to one side of his halter. She waved at her dad and galloped off into the sunset. Like literally.
    Her dad walked in front of me. "Don't even think about it." He said, and walked away.
   Think about what? Her? Pshhh... No way. Not at all...

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