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Pen Your Pride


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"I'm Four." I tell her hesitantly. A part of me wants to tell her the real me. But if I do then she might think that I am a coward. Then we defiantly would never have a chance. Who wants to date a coward? Probably not someone as pretty as Beatrice.

"I'm... Uh I'm....."

She seems unsure of herself. I remember Amar when I transferred to Dauntless. He let me escape my old self and become someone new. Someone with only four fears. I didn't have to be scared anymore. I didn't have to let anyone know Tobias Eaton. I could start fresh and that's what I did. So I decide to give her a chance to escape her old Abnegation self like I did. Everyone deserves a second chance.

"Think about it. You don't get to pick again."

"Tris." She says with a small smile.

"Welcome to Dauntless, Tris." I reply with a smile.

"So you're in Dauntlesss. Well of course you are. I mean look at you, Four." She chuckles and stares at me with wanting eyes. "Did you participate in the Choosing Ceremony?"

I smile at her and realize that we are still holding hands, "Not this year. Two years ago."

"Oh." Is all she says.

"So Stiff, why did you transfer to Dauntless?" I need to make it not obvious that I like her. I know it's impossible. Just look at her. I call her Stiff so that it doesn't seem too obvious even though it is.

"I wasn't selfless enough. My brother was always the selfless one."

"Didn't your brother pick Erudite." I ask with a sudden curiosity.

"Yes." She says sadly. Her eyes look at the ground. I wish she was looking at me instead. I want to make her look me in eyes. I don't know how though.

"That's not selfless to me."

"I guess not." She offers me a tiny smile. Her eyes look at me again, "What faction did you come from Four?"

I reply harshly and suddenly regret it, "It doesn't matter."

"Okay, it's fine I know some people don't want to talk about it. I just thought maybe yo-."

"I didn't mean to say it that way. I just don't like to talk about it."

She nods, "I'm sorry to say this but we have to go now."

I jump off of the moving train first. She jumps and almost topples over. Tris quickly steadies herself. Her face blushes a little. Her gray robes fly in the wind. We jog to the compound. This is where the high school students will stay until we finish school. I am among those students. I lead her to the compound. Her eyes light up at the sight. I know that this looks different from Abnegation. Dauntless has more freedom and you can express yourself.

I am almost done with high school. In my spare time I train the transfers for Initiation because Amar-the previous instructor- died and I was first in my class. I need to show them where they will be staying and train them for Initiation. I'm the instructor since I was first in my Initiation class and Amar the old instructor died. Lauren helps me but I do most of it. However, Lauren takes the Dauntless-born to their room and I train them. She helps me with the training sometimes. Slacker, I think.

"This is where you will be staying. Since it's your first year, you will all be sharing a room. Dauntless-born with each other and transfers with themselves. Your two rooms will be next to each other." I tell the new Dauntless.

Lauren walks beside me now, "Dauntless-born, follow me. I doubt you need a tour so I'll just take you to your place."

I look for Tris. She is jogging with a Candor girl, a blonde Erudite, and a tall boy. I see Uriah with them. Tris laughs at one of his jokes. I wish I could talk to her but she probably doesn't like me. I shouldn't even want to talk to her. We can't date. Everyone would think that I would be favoring her.

"That means you transfers will follow me and I'm your instructor for Initiation. You chose us so now we get to choose you. Only ten will become members and that includes Dauntless born. My na-." I say firmly.

"What's your name?" One of the transfers interrupts me. I turn around to find a tall dark skinned Candor girl ask me.

"Four." I snap. I hate it when people who talk when I do.

"Like the number?" She asks me.

"Yeah. Do you have a problem?" I ask her with the cruel intimidating voice, "if I wanted to talk to Candor smart months I would've joined their faction."

"No." She avoids my eyes.

"What's your name so I can remember for next time, Smart Mouth."

"Christina." She says quietly.

I hear Christina tell Tris that I am intimidating.

"I guess he doesn't like to be laughed at." She says. Just like Abnegation. Not taking sides. Smart of her, I think.

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