Chapter 23

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T H I R D    P E R S O N ' S    P O V   :

Lyon was limping through the now empty streets of his town . He finally catched a glimpse of Gray's house and tried limping a bit faster . Once he finally succeded in getting to the doorstep he knocked very hard on the door while panting .

It didn't take less than five seconds for the door to swing open , revealing a very hopeful Natsu . But when he saw it was Lyon, he instantly scoffed . "Oh it's just you dog . " He said rather displeased of his sudden appearence after days .

"Nice to see you too . Little help here ?" Natsu just turned his back to him and walked away as if he didn't even know him . Lyon sighed and let himself in , more like limping .

Suddenly Erza noticed his presence and gasped speeding to get the first aid kit and instantly making him sit down . "Sit , what happened ?" He went wide eyed but then remembered that this was Erza and she always gets straight to the point .

He sighed once again while he let her bind and clean his wounds . "Me and Juvia were kidnapped by the hunter . " His answer was straight and rather calm . Once Juvia's name left his mouth everyone was suddenly in the room looking at him as if to continue .

"Well , where the hell is she?!?!" Natsu yelled and Gray had to hold him back . "Natsu calm down . Lyon , please , where is she ?" Gray did the passive talking .

"She's in the Stone's mansion . You know the famous hunters that tracked us down about 5 to 6 years ago . " Lyon said recalling the moment . They all nodded in understanding .

"Well what are we waiting for , let's kick some Stone asses again . " Natsu said but Erza spoke up . "No , and also he hasn't finished . Go on Lyon what's the missing puzzle piece that you're not showing us . " Erza said sternly .

"Apparently Juvia and Rogger Stone's famous son , has a very good connection and 'friendship' with Juvia . " Natsu scoffed at this already hearing his thoughts speak for him . "She's his first love . Damn Natsu you've got some serious competition . " Gray said jokingly . He only glared in response . "Quiet Ice Princess . " Natsu bit back bitterly .

"Guys , this is serious ... They kissed ." Lyon said , and those were the only words to make Natsu unstopable least that's what he thought he was .

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Short Chapter and meant to be a filler , but hey it's something . In all honesty I'm in a bad situation , I've recently found out I have a dissorder and I'm not going to go into detail with that but I will say I've fallen into a bad state of depression and that I sometimes feel like I wanna discontinue this book because I'm not seeing it get anywhere honestly . It doesn't have much purpose either and you guys are probably tired of my late updating and requests but yeah . I'm sorry but I can't help it I'm a human being . Anyways don't be a silent reader . Vote pls . Comments leave some .

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