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The Vampire's Mate © by CRISSY43V3R
The Vampire's Mate ©by Ana Crystal
Highest ranking since Oct./22/2018 : #1 lockser #1 natsuxjuvia Juvia Lockser a common teenager who attends to Magnolias famous private high school 'Fairy Tail Academy'...
  • vampires
  • wearwolf
  • dragneel
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highschool crushes  by LaughingJack1020
highschool crushes by LaughingJack1020
a normal girl that lives like any regular girl nothing interesting in her life until the first day of school she lays her eyes on someone a trip to wonderland , it wa...
  • boyxgirl
  • mixedemotions
  • highschoolcrushes
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Falling For The Bad Boy  by larryisrealfuckers
Falling For The Bad Boy by Harry Tomlinson
Did Rose seem like the perfect girl next door? Yes. Was she actually? No. Rosalie, or as everyone calls her Rose, has moved yet again and this time into a huge house...
  • goodboy
  • shortstory
  • goodgirl
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Matchmaker by MissBridgetAnn
Matchmakerby Bridget Ann
Onika works for a matchmaking service. She's one of the best. She has no problem finding a person't perfect match. Ironically, her own love life is frequently in the cra...
  • coming
  • lovequadrangle
  • hot
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Pick a Side by That_Writer_Girl__
Pick a Sideby That_Writer_Girl__
Claire seems to have the perfect life. She has the looks, her parents are happily married, her brother's growing up in a cheerful home, her grades are high, and her futu...
  • whowillshechoose
  • bestfriends
  • teenromance
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~ The Mystery Person ~ by Rayeanna32
~ The Mystery Person ~by Rayeanna.Raquel
This story is about a princess named Mandy. She has to find and marry a husband before the night of her 20th birthday. Come along on the journey to see who her future h...
  • whowillshechoose
  • princess
  • romance
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The girl with the broken heart.  by StephBridge2095
The girl with the broken heart. by StephBridge2095
Gabriella Rose, wasn't your typical 16 year old girl. She was a girl with damages she thought could never be cured. A heart that was so broken she never believed anyone...
  • complicated
  • brokenhearts
  • badboy
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Mark Thomas Who To Choose? by hiitsmeheather
Mark Thomas Who To Choose?by hiitsmeheather
Amanda is you she is 13 and has Shiny hazel eyes You were in your room looking sad because you need to move house tomorrow you had a crush on this boy called mark Th...
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Till My Last Breathe by KatlinJones6
Till My Last Breatheby Sxckt01
Two wolves. One girl The two wolves are brothers. And they are both mates to the girl somehow. Fates cruel trick. They find out and they start to try and win her over be...
  • romance
  • onelove
  • fateschoice
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In My Hands by therealmariahparis
In My Handsby therealmariahparis
This is a story about a woman who was head over heels in love with her fiance until she went on a business trip and everything she thought she felt about the man she was...
  • whowillshechoose
  • romancefanfiction
  • newauthor
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Within Arm's Reach  by Emfantasy04
Within Arm's Reach by Emily Jordan
Phillipa is your average young girl with an epic story to tell. She's just graduated from college and has a steady job in designing Broadway stages. She has a big heart...
  • average
  • epic
  • love
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Uneasy Love by noelleable
Uneasy Loveby noelleable
When good girl Jess moves to a small town she finds her world turned upside down. Devin her next door neighbor and bad boy Jake can't seem to take their eyes off her, bu...
  • badboy
  • goodboy
  • lovestory
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Flames Of Misery by Xoxo_forevermore
Flames Of Miseryby Xoxo_forevermore
This is what happens when you love so hard even when it isn't wanted.
  • shesatrooper
  • whowillshechoose
  • isittruelove
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Flame & Storm by Ryan-Grace
Flame & Stormby Ryan-Grace
Two young teenager with a special gifts that are in danger of being taken by the government. Both have to deal with normal teenage things such as their love lives and fr...
  • love
  • fire
  • dystopian
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After Elena turns her humanity off  by Haylzzzz
After Elena turns her humanity off by Haylzzzz
  • stelana
  • delena
  • whowillshechoose
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Hermione's Choice by HermioneStylesfangrl
Hermione's Choiceby HermioneStylesfangrl
Hermione Granger who has always been in love with Ron Weasly, starts to develop feelings for Harry Potter. Harry has a girlfriend currently and Hermione has felt jealous...
  • thebigday
  • hermionegranger
  • lovestory
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Her Perfect Match by fangirlattack01
Her Perfect Matchby Maddie Moreland
When you are born, you are given this necklace. The necklace is half a very important piece of jewelry. This necklace, whenever you are close to your soulmate, your one...
  • theunforgiverseries
  • skylarfaithhill
  • ashtonlucasyoung
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Caught in the Crossfire by EmilyFictions
Caught in the Crossfireby EmilyFictions
Seventeen year old Gabriella Diaz has her whole life planned out. Until a new boy from England transfers in after Christmas Break. Although she's had a crush on the scho...
  • comedy
  • romance
  • newboy
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Desires by angie_magadan
Desiresby angie_magadan
"Hun, you have to choose who you want to be with and soon." Jada said giving me a worried look, she knows I'm stressing out about this. "I know but i real...
  • whowillshechoose
  • ex
  • love
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