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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 1

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Unofficially Yours

After being expelled from school because of her ‘misbehavior’, Akira Martins went with her father’s ‘little camping trip’ into the woods.

Being the normal, daring, stubborn and rebellious teenager as she is, she went into the forest alone without her father’s permissions or any companions like her father advised—on a night where the moon shone in its fullest phase.

The result? She ended up being marked by a hot, mysterious guy who claims they are mates. Though no matter how much she resisted, she found herself slowly falling for him.

Will Akira end up with a happily ever after if her father comes looking for her? With other men? Not to mention they’d do anything to get her back.


“You bitch!” The blonde bimbo screamed, glancing down at her ruined outfit. Her previously perfect hair turned tousled and messy. The mascara she applied to enhance her beauty, along with her eye-shadow and other cosmetics ran down her face. The spaghetti-strapped top she wore was stained with a cherry-red cranberry juice, her hair was drenched with the same kind of mixture, the liquid gently trickling down the platinum blonde strands.

       “That was for having my best friend expelled because of false accusations.” Akira replied, her brows quirking as she held an empty plastic cup in her hands.

       “You’re going to pay for this!” she wailed and with no further ado, lunged for the girl in front of her. She tackled her to the ground and started ripping the glossy brown hair from her head. In return, the girl’s hands snaked around her neck, cutting off her air supply.

       The students in the cafeteria started crowding, gathering as they all watched the scene unfold before them. People started throwing cheers in the air, betting upon the girl who holds their trusts of winning.

       Since the bimbo was sitting on top of her, Akira reversed their position. The bimbo constantly tugged on her hair, causing her to get agitated. Because of this, Akira pulled her right arm back and curled her hands into a tight ball. With that, she then punched the girl straight to the nose.

       That hit, she’s pretty sure, will cause the girl to suffer her dreaded days with a broken nose or a contusion—or both probably.


       “You’re suspended!” The words flew out of the principal’s mouth even before Akira could interfere. Of course, they were sent to the office.

       Akira rolled her eyes as she sat cross-legged on her seat, the principal scolding her in the background. She threw daggers at a sobbing, fake bimbo who was holding a pack of ice by her cheek. A patch of gauze covered her nose with a stain of blood on a certain spot.

       Akira already tried reasoning with him, though what’s the use? He won’t even listen to a word she said. Maybe it was because she had gotten herself into so many troubles before and her records weren’t neat. And even if you flip the world upside-down, she knew she started the fight in the first place.

       No, her rebellious side quipped. The bimbo deserved it.

       Right, if she hadn’t spoken any false accusations against her best-friend, then she could still have her nose in a perfect shape and her face free with any blemishes—but no! The girl’s a good actress she should be receiving an award!

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