Damien x God's daughter! reader ((EDITED))

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~ Warning swearing and bad spelling ~

~ Your POV ~

My father has sent me to school in South park, he thinks education is very important and I would have to go to school like a normal kid but I'm not normal I'm an angel and the daughter of God, yes I might be strong and mighty but I wish I wasn't, I have so much responsibilities and everything else so to top it all of I have to go to school like a normal kid, I just want to be loved.

I arrived at school, it was crowded with kids and teachers everywhere and the floors were as dirty as the lockers. The human world is disgusting and horrible, how can my dad be proud of this? I thought to myself walking the halls.

I stopped at my classroom and entered, I found my seat at the back next to a hot guy with black hair, enchanting crimson red eyes and he wore a necklace with a cross upside down, he caught me staring at him... my face was like fire and I quickly looked away with embarrassment.

During class was boring until a note was passed on to my desk it said,
'Hello beautiful, I saw you staring at me and you blushed it was so cute....anyway would you like to sit with me at lunch? Love Damien' I blushed and looked at him and nodded, his face lights up.

The bell went for lunch, I went to my locker to put my stuff away and I slammed the door and saw Damien leaning on his locker. I walk towards him "Hey" I said

"Hey beautiful let's go to lunch" we walked towards the cafeteria, he opened the door for me, I slightly blushed and walked in.

We get our food and he leads me to a table that was empty, "So beautiful, why were you looking at me?" He said smirking

"Because your hot" I said blushing and mentally slapping myself, he has a light blush of his cheeks.

"So what do your parents do?" He said

"Well my dad helps people everywhere and you?"

"My dad is Satan" he said smiling evilly

"WAIT YOUR DAMIEN THORN!?!?" I said with a scared expression on my face

"Yeah and?" He said looking confused

"I'm sorry but I can't be around you" I said rather quickly as I got up, getting ready to leave

"why not?" He said grabbing my arm

"maybe because im gods daughter and your Satan's son!" I said yelling and everyone looked at us

"YOUR GODS DAUGHTER?!? Prove it then" He said

i revealed ny wings and halo, my clothes changed into a beautiful white dress.

"oh my god thats why your so familiar, i have been trying to find you" he said softly

"why have you been trying to find me?" I said walking slowly towards him

"because I saw you, a while ago and I thought I was dreaming because you were the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life" he said blushing and walking towards me, his wings and horns appeared

"Really?" I said blushing and walking closer.

"(Y/n) ever since I first saw you, I had an emotion that I didn't know that was in me, it was love at first sight" he said grabbing my hands, I blushed and held on to his hands.

I let go of his hands and wrap my arms around his neck while he put his arms around my waist. He leaned in and kissed me, immediately kissed back. All of a sudden a bright light appeared in front of me and Damien, it was my dad.

"(Y/n) HOW DARE YOU BETRAY ME!!" He yelled

I held onto Damien tightly as Satan appeared "Damien....do you love the girl?" He nodded

"(y/n) ... do you love my son?" I nodded

"Then I support you" Satan said with an approving smile on his face, although it looked more sinister than anything.

"WELL I DONT!!" God yelled

"Fine dad, don't except me, I'm moving in with Damien in hell, bye dad" I said disappearing with Damien.

~Everyones POV~


~I know it sucked but I think it's cute~


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