Chapter 33: Awake

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* Beginning of Part 3*

Blythe laid awake, unable to drift off as the rain poured down outside the window pane, whilst he laid asleep in her arms, their skin unclad and hearts beating with pure bliss. Yet her mind whirred on and on for hours in intense contemplation as she laid restless. She felt sore as she turned to her side facing the wall; William's arm still locked around her.

"Whether you love me or William..." James's words echoed in her mind.

With all going on, she could only think to close her eyes, let everything go for once as she did earlier and hold on to the euphoric feeling that would be over the moment she had awaken; not wanting to let go of the man she'd longed to see for the longest time.

" I love you..." Blythe whispered, no longer afraid to say those three words he once told her. The barrier that once made her choke, was no longer present. Her heart felt content, now knowing love had no timing, no limits... No boundaries between right and wrong. It was all so clear to her through the triangle she faced.

A peaceful smile spread across her lips before she drifted off to the soothing sound of the heavy rain, holding his hand in hers.

"Where to?" She questioned as she woke up with his back turned to her at the bedside.

"I do not know just yet..." He responded caressing her cheek, kissing her gently.

"Wherever you're going, take me with you."

"In my heart, I will my darling, as I always have." His grin slanted with guilt and eyes saddened subtly with remorse for losing all hope to find her once again until this very moment, where he laid in her arms, regaining the love he craved for at last.

Blythe wrapped herself in the pure white sheets, no longer pure as she sat up, leaning her right temple against his bare shoulder; pulling him back towards her in a loving embrace. Her eyes closed, taking in every detail of the memory that was nearing an end.

"As will I. Every moment with you is something I'll always treasure." She released him as she slowly turned flat atop her bare stomach, feeling the aftermath of giving up her purity.

" Blythe, my dear, can I ask you something? "

"Go on."

"Did you mean it, last night when you said those words. The same three I once told you at the ball."

She giggled slightly unaware that he had heard her, yet truthfully she nodded. "I meant it. Every word. I truly do... Love you."

His grin spread wide as he stood unclothed, Blythe curiously peeking as he donned his uniform; unaware that he took into notice the tree scar etched into her back, fibrous branches pinkened and still slowly healing without her realization through all she'd been through.

"I never knew you had a scar..." William spoke faintly.

Instantly, her eyes popped open, finding herself put on the spot.

"Um, yeah about that... I had been struck by lightning that very eve before you had arrested me." She attempted to forge a smile,yet failed as her lips wriggled into a frown; recalling his brutal imprints.

He knelt down beside her, half-dressed, deepened cobalt eyes empathizing with the pain he had caused her that very day.

"You needn't worry anymore my dear. Forgive me for all I've done." He pressed his lips to hers passionately just as the door flung open to an aghast James.

Blythe covered her bare shoulders immediately, but realized she failed when James glanced down dejectedly.

"Colonel, you're needed in Lord Cornwallis's study soon."

"Are you feeling alright Captain?" William questioned upon his weakened tone.

"I'm fine, never better."

"Very well, I shall see you there. You can go now."

Blythe's face flushed as James turned to leave, realizing how much his heart tore down the middle. His gray eyes , now transparent with pure sorrow as he silently closed the door behind him, leaving them be...

"What troubles you my dear?" William asked bringing her face closer to his.

"Nothing, don't worry about me. I'll just miss you that's all."

"I shall be back soon." He slipped on his white canvas like shirt, and donned his hellish coat .

"I hope so."

" I do have to talk over something with you later, so I'll be seeing you."

Oh God, it better not be the Ghost situation. She thought to herself as she laid back down in moderate pain as the sun shone its way through the window after a rainy night.

Yet her mind weighed down with the thought of James walking in on her and William, upon the realization that she truly was his all along. He wasn't angry and he didn't flinch to snap. She could only wonder what had withheld him from venting on them both. And suddenly it dawned on her, he was willing to let her go and be happy even if he didn't stand a chance with her.

I'm so sorry James. I'm sorry I never gave you that chance...

A single teardrop streamed down her bare skin as she huddled in the pure-lost sheets.

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