Chapter 23: The Caper

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  William paced about upon Cornwallis's request in the study room, beside him stood Wilkins whom was inevitably anxious. Still shaken by Bordon's death, William could only envision the guilt Bordon felt having almost assaulted his absconded beauty he held captive, the Heavens only knew where she was now.

  Within seconds the door creeked open only a tad, hearing only a mere chatter between Lord Cornwallis and that sarcastic prick O'Hara. Wilkins only straightened to attention as the two entered, whereas William coldly glared O'Hara in lieu of his comment to bid riddance to the decamped Blythe.

  Lord Cornwallis seated himself at his sturdy oak desk beckoning the two requested gents forward. Parting his lips to speak, William could only anticipate it being the death of Bordon.

  "Colonel Tavington, " He started sternly. "Pardon my inquiry, but have you any clue of the whereabouts of that young dame?"

 William's eyebrows furrowed inward upon such query. "No my Lord."

 "Wilkins, have you?" Cornwallis then turned his attention to James who seemed to shudder upon the question.

 "No my Lord." Wilkins responded sheepishly, as William peered at him from the corner of his eye.

 "I hear that a new member has joined the Ghost's army, that seemed to have taken the town by much of a surprise."

 "A new member?" William's head suddenly sprung up with interest.

 " Commoners seemed to have described this recruit as rather mysterious." Cornwallis glanced up, scrutinizing both faces with such intensity. His ivory coat,embellished in burgundy vines draped to the left side of his chair.

 " Have they any description?" 

 "They haven't a mere clue Colonel, the townspeople could only make out the fact that this particular individual is cloaked in a cape."

 "Are they now?" William muttered and chuckled with a string of tactics brewing in his mind instantly. He straightened his crimson coat and proceeded to listen in further.

 " I have assigned both you and Captain Wilkins search for the Ghost-"

 "And what of the Caper?" William interjected with a subtle excitement.

  "The Caper poses threat as well, don't underestimate that new recruit. You are to bring both of them, alive." Cornwallis emphasized, with a rigid gleam in his eyes. 

  William cackled only a tad, his face painted with a sly grin, and his eyes grew hard with a familiar ultramarine as he stood erect, devising his scheme almost instantly.

 James Wilkins only gulped apprehensively with a pained discomfort written in his expression, as his resurging callous colonel coldly peeked at him. His slate-gray eyes grew transparent as he turned away, as if he knew something nobody knew at all.

 Just then, the door to the study room bolted open, to two redcoat soldiers, hurrying to request Cornwallis's permission to speak with him at once, both standing aligned at attention.

  "Gentlemen," Lord Cornwallis turned his attention to William  and Wilkins, his cheeks reddened with slight irritation. "We will resume this discussion later, do pardon me as I tend to this abrupt matter." He stood, giving a slight nod as he departed with the two redcoats, a chilling silence remained.

  "Colonel," James spoke, turning to face him bleakly. "There's something you should know-"

   "It will have to wait." William cut him off, reluctant to listen as he stormed out of the room, realizing his hope to find young beloved Blythe had been lost, she was nowhere in sight, she couldn't stop him from his devious maneuver. She was only a memory...

Hi everybody, my apologies for going AWOL on all of you, things have been hectic, crazy shenanigans with family, and moving on to the West Coast. However seeing that things have fallen into place, the story must go on. 

  Love you all,

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