Chapter 17: Losing Blythe

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  *Beginning of Part 2*

  William entered the fort, filled with an inexorable pang of guilt that ate at him the entire day through. He could not even begin to paint a saddened image of Blythe within his mind. Not with the love he felt for her. Within him, he was more than ready to rekindle with her after his sudden rage last night. He charged up the steps to his room. But the room was vacant, not even Lady Judith Harrington had set foot in for the day.

   "Blythe..." His mind echoed as he strided about the room until his eyes caught a hold of an intriguing slip of a rose tinted paper furled neatly atop his desk. He removed his gloves, unfolding the note:

    I will never forget the few short nights we had spent together. I will treasure each deep within my heart. Though I love you, I realize that you have better things to tend to with this neverending war. It is only fair that I leave you to worry about more important matters than to have me held as a prisoner, who will only interfere with your success as a colonel. 

William cringed at her written words and his stomach writhed with an intertwining knot of tension. His eyelids shut tight, his hands gripped the paper harder; unable to read her final sentence. He buried his face within his palms in regret and remorse of his bitterness inflicted onto her last night, wishing he could take back his cruel words and seal the gap between them in an endearing embrace. Her smile, her voice, her eyes, everything of her came to his mind radiating beautifully until suddenly, she faded. A stream of blazing tears flowed down his face, realizing he had lost the one who unveiled his eyes from his many atrocities, the one who only knew to love and not display hate, the one who opened his heart to her... The one prisoner he captured, he lost. She was gone. only her words were left behind. William could feel a deepened growl within his chest unwilling to be contained much longer  as he cried her name that echoed through the fort, knowing that he now lost the one he truly loved... Blythe.


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