Chapter 4: Helpless

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Blythe could only only drown herself in sorrow over the tragedy she had witnessed not too long ago She could not even bear the thought of Tavington's inhuman, merciless actions all within a single day. Blythe wished he would've left her to grieve with that poor man's family. But no, she couldn't even run. Here she was, wrists bounded behind her back, writhing both internally and externally. Blythe Avery was now a prisoner of war. Helpless.

"Quit your wallowing." Tavington breathed upon her neck.

Blythe curled her lips inward before she lashed out again as he maintained his posture up against her twinged, slouched back. She could feel a faint thump through his thick red and green coat as they approached the entrance of a predominant British territory. A few redcoats eyed her strangely in her dirtied diner uniform, and some gave her a deviating grin with a probable assumption that she was another present to satisfy their libido.

Tavington halted his cavalry, proceeding to dismount his horse, and before he reached for Blythe, he couldn't help but gaze into her now traumatizingly-transparent eyes, clear as water, vast as a neverending ocean. Her knees trembled as she viewed the many lecherous stares prowling her way, until Tavington snatched her off the horse. Without hesitation, he clenched the hinge of her elbow, dragging her through the doors of the fort. Blythe could only wish she was dead at this very moment than to be tormented at the hands that held her in captivity.

"Ah Colonel, you've...returned." A more decorated redcoat strangely eyed young Blythe. He seemed a bit younger than the colonel and it was no surprise to see him in a ridiculous powdered wig. His redcoat was longer than the rest of the soldiers and he had gold rectangular embellishments tracing down the blue lining of his coat. He continuously eyed Blythe for a moment until two other soldiers of the Dragoons halted behind Tavington and his prisoner of war.

"Who is this dame you bring before here today?" He questioned as his viridescent eyes constantly wheeled towards Blythe's vast, oceanic eyes; dilated with fear, and her russet curls hid a majority of her face. She could feel within the sole of her black pointed pump a tiny slip of her bare sole touching the base of her heeled shoes.

"She is nothing of concern. Just another prisoner." Tavington replied. In saying such, one of the two Dragoon soldiers behind Blythe unconsentually allowed his hand to glide up the surface of her rear.

Blythe's eyes twitched as her foot inched up, striking heel first into the soldier's right foot; instantly wincing in pain. That is until retaliation struck her once again against her cheek, knocking the weak girl to the wooded floors, she could feel a few splinters prick her arm as she landed pitilessly.

"Bloody bitch!" He insultively grunted reaching for his pistol until Tavington cocked his gun at him.

"You damn bastards, do as I say and get the bloody hell out of here or else!" The enraged colonel snapped in threat as the callous soldier scurried out of the fort. His face of stone inspected Blythe's torment, until the remaining soldier dragged her back up callously.

"Where to Colonel?" He questioned sadistically. As Blythe eyed the brown eyed Dragoon that held her wrists taut against the flesh-cutting rope, she could see a libidinous grin that spread across his face.

"Hand her to me, I shall carry on." Tavington ordered as the debauched soldier shoved her in his direction, enraged that he couldn't get what he wanted.

Blythe held her breath for a good moment.

"Colonel, I do not think Lord Cornwallis will be pleased with your uncalled actions. In lieu, you just may not get Ohio as you wished." The decorated redcoat guffawed a tad.

The colonel's eyes grew hard upon the seemingly satirical redcoat. "I have matters to tend to." He replied as a devious smile came upon his face and his ultramarine eyes dilated unscrupulously as he scooped up the incapacitated girl by her angular figure and slinging her over his shoulder like a sack of flour. Her head felt numb as she eyed the flight of steps he was now climbing. She shrieked in horror and allowed her legs to flail as she squirmed about.

"PUT ME DOWN!" She screeched as his boots squeaked in annoyance at the wooden stairs. "LET ME GO! PLEASE!" She wailed for mercy as he flanked right into a spacious room, slinging her onto the bed, closing the door behind him.

"You bold little wretch, so defenseless in every way. Have you ever been taught such manners?"

Blythe squirmed up straight, digging her heel into his right shin. His eyes clenched shut in pain but he didn't imprint her cheek once more. He seized her jaw instead, allowing his face to creep closer until his cutting blue eyes met with hers. A stillness lingered between them as their gaping eye contact was inescapable. The only sounds were her panicked gasps and his exasperated breaths. He bit his lip gently, but eyed her with anything but mercy.

"So senseless and insensitive." Blythe retaliated verbally.

His hand firmed on her lower jaw and his free hand came across her, his thumb pressed to her bottom lip now bleeding with anxiousness and fear.

"Maybe an attire of decency has never came across your mind has it not?" He flicked the tip of her collared dress upward and released his hold on her jaw, storming out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

Blythe could still feel the dried trickle of blood on the arch of her neck and her body was numb with the many blows it had taken within this short time, she panted in terror dreading the worst to come.

"YOU HEARTLESS BASTARD!" She bellowed out from the tip of her very lungs as she charged at the door, harshly lunging at it with the blade of her shoulder. Her cries crescendoed but help was left in diminuendo

"PLEASE GOD! HELP ME!" She yelped for her dear life.

Until just as she was about to fall on her knees, the door creaked open to the slate-eyed soldier who had found her in the remote woods. Blythe froze with alertness until he caught her within his arms.

"Do not fret, I will not hurt you." He soothed with assurance.

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