Chapter 25: Occam

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    Morning had finally set into view over the vicinity of the swamp as Blythe could only stare out into the many trees that sheltered the militants in its misty veil along with its verdant abundance. Having been awake for the past two hours, she could only listen to the soft rustle of the leaves that shuddered in the breeze, that is until someone had emerged from the flaps of the tent in the distance. Only, it wasn't Benjamin as she had anticipated. She stood up erectly, inching forward only to find it to be the one man most of the militants rejected just for the color of his skin, yet she hadn't even known his name.

  " I do a-a-apologize ma'am." He stammered with an apology. His coarse hair was intact, and his chestnut eyes seemed to give off a glare of fear as if Blythe would judge him like every other fair-skinned man had done.

  "You needn't apologize. You haven't done any harm." Blythe responded with subtle empathy. Her head lowered a tad as her eyes blinked back tears, wondering the oppression this man had gone through before and even currently just for the mere color of his skin. "I won't judge you, if that's what you think." She finally added as she sniffled and held her head up.

  "I know." He responded humbly.

  "My name's Bly-" She paused recollecting the fact that her identity was supposed to be concealed behind her middle name. " Janis." She puffed out.

  "Occam." He stated standing erect at attention.

  "It's a pleasure to-" Blythe was immediately cut off sharply.

  "I don't believe this!" Dan Scott's voice chanted with sarcasm. "What's a girl like you doing, talking to slaves like him." He guffawed along with a few other men that stood beside him. Yet, Occam didn't flinch at their words nor did he retaliate, he still stood tall at the brusque sarcasm constantly being poked at him. 

  "What the hell is a slave ever going to do with freedom!" He continued to mock him, in hopes that his churlish words would break him to nothing. "He's nothing and nobody darlin' why are you defending this fool." His comments then directed towards her.

  Blythe's lips quivered, studdering to even breathe a single vowel to the many men that abhored somebody who hadn't done them any harm whatsoever. As her head spun with the many insolent remarks made, her aquamarine eyes dilated upon a musket that laid nearby.

  She picked it up cautiously holding it up towards the limitless ceiling growing lighter with the rays of the sun. Her fingers, feeling for the trigger; debating where she should aim, till her eyes focused on the bottle Dan held high in triumph for his mockery. Her eyes studied the others who didn't seem to pay attention as Dan had his back turned to her. Quickly, her eyes zoomed in at the base of the bottle as she pressed the trigger, with a bullet piercing the glass shell that encased the deep golden liquid. 

  Instantly everybody turned in shock, as the glass shattered in  grip, a few shards pricked his right hand. Blood droplets trickled down his umber sleeve, staining the rough fabric. Blythe crept towards him with dimmed cobalt eyes.

  "He bleeds just like us too you know. His color doesn't make a difference,  he's just like every other human on this damn planet. I'd shut the hell up if I were you Dan." She stated firmly with a cold cobalt glare in her eyes. As she turned to Occam, she gave a slight smile as walked away from the conflict with not a word being said. She arrived back where she sat earlier, with the many thoughts that swam about in her mind. Until the reluctant thought of the ultramarine-eyed soldier she loved came to mind. Blythe could not begin to imagine the disarray she left him in. More or less if she could even face him after what she had done...

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