Chapter 20

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Previously on 'The Vampire's Mate'

Lyon's voice : "There's a hunter in town . We still don't know who he is but we know what to expect . "

Juvia's voice : "Some of us have already been kidnapped . "

Juvia and Lyon are tied up in chairs in seperate cells .

Natsu's voice : "Some of us just had a minor sneak attack . Enough to distract us . "

Juvia's voice: "Promises have been made."

Lyon's voice: "And promises will be kept . " 

Lyon: "I'm gonna get you out of here baby. I promise..."

Lyon and Juvia stay quiet when they hear footsteps approach .

Now :

T H I R D   P E R S O N ' S   P O V  :

Lyon and Juvia both stayed quiet while the foot steps grew louder meaning someone was walking into the direction they were. Lyon quickly thought fast and pretended to still be asleep . As if they were both in deep mind link Juvia had the same idea . The person suddenly stopped and unlocked Juvia's cell and walked in . Juvia took an acting class for a while so the person that was inspecting her believed it .

Suddenly she felt a hand under her chin and it gently lifted it up . Her nose was a bit of a rosy color but almost faded so it wasn't that noticible that she was crying . Suddenly the person's thumb was softly running across her lower lip . She was slightly confused but she had to continue acting as if she was asleep .

The person that was touching her in gentle ways was none other than the hunter . She heard him chuckle . "I know you're awake sweetheart you can drop the impressive acting . " She continued to act as if she was asleep until the hunter bent down and she felt his hot yet minty breath oh her neck . Slowly but sensually he started to gently bite at the exposed skin of her neck until he found her sweetspot and she let out a squeak/moan in surprise .

The hunter chuckled again . "I knew you wouldn't resist . " He said standing up straight again . She opened her eyes to meet with the tall, built, handsome, brown haired , and blue eyed hunter . (Anime version of Andrew Garfield . ) He smiled down at her . Her crystal blue eyes seemed to recognize him from somewhere . As if they've met before . He chuckled as his blue eyes seemed to sparkle in just the view of her .

"Allow me to take you fair maiden out of these horrible and painful chains . " He started to take the spikey chains off until she winced and a tear streamed down her face . "Ow..." Was all she could say . The hunter felt kind of guilty because he thought she was a hybrid herself . But now that he sees her damage is critical and not affected supernaturally he knew she wasn't a 'monster' but just a common human girl .

"I'm so sorry forgive my sudden rudeness at assuming you were one of them . " He said . Somehow she managed to believe him . There was something in his voice that was so honest . It was like regret mixed with pity and hurt . "I-it's alright . " She said stammering a bit . He shook his head while he untied the last rope . "No it isn't . I was wrong for assuming . " He suddenly stood up and lifted her up bridal style .

She in fear of falling wraps her arms around his neck and squeals . " Shhh ...shh I'm gonna take you upstairs so you can shower and relax . Maybe then I can explain what's going on and give you a proper apology . " he told her . She only nodded her lips formed into a thin line .

After he carried her up the stairs she was still confused as to why his mood changed and took her out of the cell . But she didn't question it . She was glad she was out of that uncomfortable chair and free'd from those spikey and painful silver ropes . Even though the silver didn't affect her it was still very painful . She took a shower and then changed into the clothes he had given her .

Which consisted of a nice warm hoodie , some black leggins and he had the descency of also givin her some socks . Once she came out she carefully walked down the stairs . She found him silently pacing and talking to someone on his phone . She had her straightened hair in a messy bun with some loose strands sticking out . Once he noticed her he couldn't help but tell the other person on the line that he would talk to them later .

He hung up the phone but Juvia was too deep in thought to thinking about how Lyon was to even notice he was starring at her in awe . His eyes once again sparkling . She finally looked up to see him gawking at her . Her cheeks turned to a rosy red color , he smiled a little at her cuteness . She  was an adorable little human in his opinion .

What the bluenette didn't realize was he was her childhood best friend . He was quite dissapointed she didn't recognize him . But he then remembered it's been like 5 to 6 years since they've talked or even seen eachother after he had dissapeared without any warning . And he can see how much they have changed . She grew to be short but she had a perfect body shape in his eyes . As for him he got taller he's now 6'1 and he worked out to the point that he was very fit and built .

"I suppose you don't remember me ?" He said in a slightly questioning tone . "I think I've seen you somewhere but I just can't quite put my finger on it ." She said trying to recall where it is she's seen him . "Does Jack Stone , ring a bell ?" he asked her and looked up at her smiling slightly . Suddenly she looked up at him wide eye'd and shocked . "J-Jack...? " was all she managed to choke out as the tears formed in her eyes . He nodded and smiled at her .

Dunnn . Dunnn . Dunnnnnnn. Bet cha guys weren't expecting this one huh . Who is this mysterious Jack ? And what did him and Juvia have that seemed so important to both of them ? Find out in the next few chapters which will explain everything . VOTE pls . COMMENTS leave some . Till the next chapter love you all .

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