Chapter 7

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Lauren perched on the edge of her bed and bounced lightly to wake Camila up. They'd shared the bed-after much vodka and boiled peanuts and sweet potato fries-and only because Camila wouldn't allow Lauren to sleep on the floor in her own home. And with her sketchy back.

Lauren was amused by how somebody with such a huge personality slept in such a tiny little ball. She shook Camila's shoulder gently and bounced again.

"Oh my-what?" Camila muttered, voice hoarse.

"Do you need a bucket? I have aspirin and Gatorade. Don't throw up on my sheets, please."

Camila snorted into her pillow. She realized her face was pressed into a nice spot of drool. "I'm not hungover. It's the middle of the night."

"It's six a.m., actually." Lauren bent forward to tie the laces on her wedges. "I wanted to see if you'd like to come to church with me."

Camila's eyes flicked over, surprised. Pleased.

"If you do, you need to hop up out of there now." Lauren kept her head down, waiting for her blush to fade. Her church was personal, and Camila was aware of this. Lauren was opening doors left, right, and center, and she couldn't seem to stop herself.

"I would love to." Camila agreed, voice rumbly. She sat up and ran a hand through her tangled, humidity-curled hair.

Lauren smiled slightly. "I like it like that."

"You told me."

Lauren nodded. She glanced around the room like she was seeing it for the first time-dark wood floor, white comforter, large sunny windows, two surfboards propped in the corner by the record player-and finally met Camila's gaze again.

Camila was smiling. "Are you going to leave so that I can get ready?"

Lauren stood quickly from the bed, nearly tripping over her feet. She took a step for the door, but felt Camila's hand close around her wrist, tugging her back.

"I, um...Last night...It was fun." Camila said vaguely-roughly- when Lauren plopped back onto the bed.

Lauren lifted an eyebrow.

Camila's ears tinged red. "I mean, you don't seem like the type to want to discuss everything, but Sometimes." Camila frowned suddenly, hands fisted in the comforter. "I didn't-I didn't dream it, right?"

"Dream what?" Lauren tipped her head, confused.

Camila looked like she was having some kind of existential crisis, so Lauren had to laugh. She tilted forward and kissed Camila, knotting her fingers in the dark tangles at the back of Camila's head. And then she stood up and flushed and smiled at Camila's expression, and left the room.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Camila Cabello. Memory problems, remember?" Lauren called as she walked down the hallway.

She shook her head at herself. Her circle was nowhere to be seen.

Camila's heart was humming the whole time she was getting dressed. She couldn't seem to stop bouncing or fidgeting, and she put on a simple blue dress and flats and met Lauren in the driveway. Lauren wore a yellow dress and a denim jacket, and it was the first time Camila had seen her not looking like she'd just rolled out of the ocean.

Lauren didn't even have to ask Camila to drive. Camila just smiled softly and took the keys from her hand and climbed into the car.

She decided to follow Lauren's lead, the Angelo's guacamole breakfast burrito Lauren forced her to stop and purchase.

The church was modern, moderately sized. The sanctuary was a fairly dark room, like an auditorium, with a low, wide stage where the pulpit stood. There were rows of chairs instead of pews and donuts on a table right outside the door. The worship band played inside and the bass rumbled through the speakers.

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