Chapter 10

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Camila stumbled into the hallway after Lauren, just managing to stay on her feet. She'd been closing the shop only five minutes ago, and now she was dizzy and disheveled and blindly following where she was led. She glanced at the posters on the wall like she'd never seen them before.

"Do you have any food in the fridge?" She wondered dazedly, tugging on Lauren's hand.

Lauren spun around, smiling widely. She pressed Camila against the wall and tickled her fingers under the hem of Camila's shirt. "Waffles, I think." Lauren tipped her head. "And vodka."

Camila swallowed thickly. "Real food."

"There's tequila too."

Camila shook her head.

Lauren pressed closer and traced her nose down the shell of Camila's ear. Camila seemed frozen, fixated on a spot over Lauren's shoulder. Lauren smiled.

"Are you hungry, Camila?" she whispered.

Camila nodded.

Lauren decided that she'd be hiding all of her food in the stockroom from now on. Or she'd fire the next employee who stole her cheese sticks out of the fridge. She lodged a thigh between Camila's and tilted her head curiously.

"What would you like to eat?"

Camila blew out her cheeks, absolutely unable to answer properly at the moment.

"Pasta? Shots?" Lauren tipped forward, delighted with herself. "Something else?"

A strangled moan rumbled up out of Camila. She surged forward and latched onto Lauren's mouth, fingers digging into the back of Lauren's neck. Lauren rolled with it, unsurprised. She hummed and parted her lips to let Camila's tongue graze every surface.

Camila dropped a hand to squeeze Lauren's thigh. She pushed off the wall in the vague direction of the lounge door, forcing Lauren to back up.

"Take these off." Camila whined, tugging at the waist of Lauren's sweatpants.

Lauren fell into the wall in her rush. "Really? Are you sure?"

No. Not at all.

Camila nodded, despite herself. Lauren kissed her again, gripping Camila's chin, and leaned against the lounge door as she dragged her sweatpants down her thighs. Camila was on her before she could even straighten back up.

"Lets-can-open the door." Lauren managed with Camila's hand squeezing the back of her bare thigh.

She fumbled with the buttons on Camila's blouse while Camila swatted at the doorknob. Lauren had four buttons undone-just so that Camila's bra was visible-by the time the door swung open.

"Couch." Camila muttered, kicking Lauren's tangled sweatpants away.

"Floor." Lauren laughed against her mouth.

They staggered through the door- Camila's hands fused to Lauren's thighs, Lauren struggling blindly with those last few buttons. Camila caught movement out of the corner of her eye and froze, chest flaring with a rush of panic while Lauren laved at her neck.

"Shit!" Niall exclaimed, scrabbling up from the couch.

Lauren shot backwards in surprise. She whirled around, sending the last of Camila's buttons to the floor, and stared at Niall- red faced, chest heaving, in a t-shirt and boyshorts and tangled hair courtesy of Camila.

"Where are your pants?!" Niall shouted, half kneeling on the coffee table.

Lauren spun on her heel. She actually couldn't recall what had happened to her sweatpants. "Fuck, fuck. Get lost, Horan!"

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