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❝Despite its tragically nonsensical concept, this will
not be your typical dialogue
story, trust me.❞
— Fury Evans, author of
Miss Delivery Girl.



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❝The kind of story that makes readers wanting more and more, unexpected but incredibly tremendous. . . . This has to be the book that I will remember reading on Wattpad for God knows how long.❞
SarahattheDisco168, author of #1 teen-fic Live With & Be With The Bad Boy.


❝This is the best fucking book on Wattpad.❞
glitter_xox, author of #1 teen-fic The Badboy's Nerd.


❝An unforgettable book that mixes romance and comedy in one thrilling reading experience.❞


❝Sexual frustration, plot twists, character developments; all that makes for a good book.❞


❝One of my fav books, going to recommend it to my friends. . . . Refreshing, different from the typical cliché stories.❞


❝This book was a rollercoaster. . . . I wish everyone could read this! You'll be confused between laughing a second and letting your tears down the next one. Have fun reading!❞



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