Chapter 18

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Natsu's voice : "Previously on The Vampire's Mate "

Lyon's aunt's voice: "You're the reincarnation of  Emily Lockser ,Natsu Dragneel's first love . "

Natsu's voice :  "The truth is slowly revealing itself  . But there have also been lots of complications ."

Lyon : "I honestly doubt she's even your mate! "

Natsu: "That's none of your bussiness dog, so stay out of it!"

Lyon's voice : "We've started to fight for the one's we love and will do everything in our will power to protect them no matter the risk . "

Natsu and Lyon start fighting until Juvia seperates them .

Juvia: "Get out Natsu...I don't wanna see you here again...please just go ..."

Lyon :  "He hurt you!"

Juvia : "Lyon look at me I'm fine . "  Juvia grabs his face trying to calm him down .

Juvia's voice : "There have been mixed
feelings ..."

Natsu kissing Lucy . Juvia standing there 
silently watching .

Juvia and Lyon leaning in to kiss in the school parking lot .

Juvia : "I can't kiss you it's not right ..."

Lyon :  "No it's right ...just not now ..."

Natsu's voice : " Mind controling by dark spells . Making us go against our will and hurting the ones around us . "

Juvia's voice : And now we're all paying
the price .

Now :

T H I R D    P E R S O N ' S    POV :

Flashback of a moment between Natsu and Lucy .

Lucy : "Either you kill her  and be with me or you kill Juvia and that's gonna be worse because she'll be dead . If she's really your mate and you love her let her go and then come with me ."  Natsu sat there on the edge of his bed recalling that horrible moment where he killed an innocent person for no reason and hurt the love of his life . His mind constantly guilt tripped him every time ever since that day .

Natsu killed that woman without any reason well a valid reason , but he only did it to save Juvia because if he didn't Lucy would kill her . Because that's how much he loves her . He'll do anything just to protect her .

Natsu takes another sip of his bottle of whiskey sitting on the edge of his bed recalling the terrible thing he had done just to save his beloved he truly did feel bad but what else could he do what's done is done there's no going back once you do what you do .

"Stop thinking about her Natsu because she's not thinking of you . " Lucy says standing on his doorway trying to pose sexily for him failing badly at it . He chuckles and sets the bottle down . "Get out Slutfilia there's nothing here for you anymore . "

He  suddenly stands up and puts his shirt on . "You looked much better with it off . " Lucy said trying to approach him but he sped away from her .  " I said leave Slutfilia. I don't want you here . " The posessive spoiled blonde passed by him huffing while crossing her arms . "Fine I'll see you next week at school don't miss me too much . " She said trying to make it sound seductive but all it made him to was cringe . He was disgusted by her in every way .

Suddenly a thought popped in his head . She did say till next week that gave him just enough time to try and explain the situation to Gray and Erza and possibly try to get in contact with Juvia . The attractive cherry blossom haired vampire smiled to himself a little silently thanking the heavens for the sudden space the blonde  had given him .

J U V I A ' S   POV : T H E  P R E S E N T  T I M E

I turn around to see ...Gray ...and Natsu ... I'm surprised to see Gray here considering the fact that he has never came before but what surprises me even more is to see Natsu there and he looks tired and there's another emotion that i can't quite figure out ...hurt maybe i don't know ...

"I thought I told you that I didn't wanna see you-" I began speaking but Gray cut me off .

"Via , just please hear him out there's a reason why this happened okay . " Gray tells me trying to reason with me  .

"Look Juvia I know you probably won't believe me but it was Lucy she made me do all these things because if not she would've hurt you . And I would rather die or loose everything that I have than see you get hurt ....I'm sorry I had hurt you . I just didn't know what else to do ..." Natsu tells me .

I just stand there starring at him not knowing what to say . I was at a total loss of words the only sound that could be heard was my uneven breathing and Gray's foot tapping impatiently waiting for me to say something . That is until he sighed . "I'll give you two some space to talk . Don't kill eachother . " He said chuckling a bit while he walked out .


"Natsu-" we both speak at the same time and then i awkwardly look at the floor . This is kinda uncomfortable . Suddenly I feel a pair of eyes on me and I look up to see him starring at me cautiously as if someone was gonna come at any moment and take me away . "I...I don't know what to say...honestly I don't know...I'm...I'm sorry..." I say, in all honesty I didn't really know what to say .

(I'm gonna add a little bit of a song called "I should go" By Levi  i forgot his last name 😂 sorry . Like how they do in the TV shows where they play in the middle of a scene a song well that's what I'm gonna do here . )

Here we are , isn't it familiar .

Haven't had someone to talk to in such a long time , and it's strange all we have in common .

And your company was just the thing that I needed tonight . 

"You don't have to say anything if you don't want to or if you don't know . But just know that everything I did was for you . All of it ." He tells me taking a few steps closer to me but I never took one step back. In fact I wanted him to come closer.

" I do have to say something . Because everything you did was to save me . And I never realized it . Not until now that you told me . " I say taking some steps closer to him . Him doing the same until we're face to face...kinda cuz I had to look up at him due to the fact he was so tall. I slowly lift my hand up and place it on his left cheek carressing it ever so softly . He puts his hand over mine and sighs closing his eyes .

But somehow I feel I should apologise . Cuz I'm just a little shaken , to what's going on inside .

But I should go before my will gets set in weaker , and my eyes begin to linger longer than they should

I should go... before I loose my sense  of  a reason and this hour holds more meaaning

I should go I should go...

"I also came here to make you forget about me . " He suddenly speaks up opening his eyes . My eyes suddenly widen in fear , knowing exactly what  he's talking about and what he's gonna do next . He definetly caught me off guard with this one .

Well lovelies  that's all for this chappie. Hope you guys liked it . I'm really hoping this series thing comes out well . If it does I'll probably just make a new section in this same book called "Volume 2 ©" so don't worry you won't have to keep downloading so many books unless you guys want me to make it into seperate books . But for now It's gonna stay in this one . Anyways let me know what you think so far . Vote pls . Comments leave some . Love you all and till the next time .

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