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Illegal My Ass




Okay, so we were breaking the law.

If we got caught we both knew we would be in BIG trouble, but due to the fact the half a bottle of vodka had already kicked in, I literally laughed in the face of danger. Obviously the alcohol was slowly killing my brain cells because I could basically feel my IQ dropping as we speak.

I was currently sat in a bar with my best friend Lacey Richards, who was laughing her ass off because the guy sat next to us just winked at her, trying to look seductive but coming across like he had some kind of illness that caused his face to twitch uncontrollably.

See the reason we were technically breaking the law is because we were drunk off our faces sat in a bar when in fact we were only 16. The legal age to drink here is 18, but due to the fact we had a certain charm that some people can’t resist, we managed to convince some nerd at school to make us some pretty scaringly accurate fake IDs. I mean seriously, those CSI dudes would have trouble spotting that it’s a fake it looks that good.

It was Friday night and we decided we had a hard week (considering both of us spent the majority of the last 5 school days in the principal’s office, a complete mix up involving some condoms filled with paint and the cheerleading squad. Let’s just say their cheer was extremely colourful by the time me and Lacey were done) and that we deserved to get ridiculously drunk, go out and have a little dance and maybe hook up with a hottie while we were at it on a no strings attached basis.

“So what did you tell Nate?” Lacey asked, trying not to look me in the eye and not seem too obvious that she just brought my brother into the conversation. I smirked slightly. The bitch wasn’t fooling anyone.

“I told him I was staying at yours and we were going to watch the notebook and braid each other’s hair.” I informed her “He didn’t look too convinced but didn’t ask any questions.”

“You are actually so lucky, I wish I had no parental figure in my house!” Lacey whined “I mean okay I still get away with basically everything I do, but some of us have to work hard at doing that!”

I laughed at her. It was true; technically my parental guardian at home was my 18 year old brother Nate. Not legally or anything, my dad was our legal guardian but considering he worked out of the country and only came home when he could, I considered Nate as more of a parental figure than him.

Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a case of ‘my father abandons me and I pretend to laugh it off and love it when in fact I want to cry in a corner’. No that wasn’t the case at all, I loved my dad and I didn’t feel neglected or anything, I just understood that he had to work so we could keep a roof over our heads.

My dad was an architect and his main office was in America, meaning that he pretty much lives over there all year round. He comes home now and again when work was quiet, and I knew that deep down even though he loved his job he did want to be at home with us. He didn’t really have that option however as he was the only breadwinner of the house ever since my mum passed away when I was 3.

Dad sent us money over and sorted out the bills on the house, all we had to do was not piss on his trust and make sure we looked after each other and the house. To be honest yeah we did the rebellious things any teenagers do, but Nate and I managed pretty well on our own.

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