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After what happened to Naruto with danzo, Naruto told his friends like shikamaru, neji, sasuke, (he never left the village) and the rest of them but neji past it to Hinata, Hinata past it to tenten and it kept going like that until every person Naruto knew except the villagers knew what happened.

I just came from fighting danzo and his men and I'm all sweaty from the mission, I'm going to take a bath before going to see my friends. "Ahhhh, there you go that's how I like it, smoking hot. This water is the best place to take a shower" I said in a very relaxing voice.
I think that's enough... Ummmm, that's weird where's my shirt, I'm sure I left it somewhere here... *sigh* whatever I just hope I don't see anyone I know I forgot to fix my jackets zipper. So I'm walking outside and I see every girl I know and there just blushing. I looked behind me to check if sasuke was behind me but there was no one there. Then Sakura and Hinata start fighting over me and they were about to break my arms and then I see all the other girls just staring at me. Then I hear Sakura say "hey Naruto do you want me to treat your wounds, I think you have plenty after fighting danzo and his men" Sakura told me in a weird voice. "No it's ok Sakura they didn't even get to touch me" I told her in a worried voice. "Hey Naruto you could stay at my place I'll keep you company" Hinata told in an also weird voice. "No it's ok Hinata I'm going to be all night long with the guys at my place" I told her. "Oh really can I come" Sakura asked me. "Ummm, sure Sakura" I answered. "Can I come too" Hinata asked me. "Yeah sure, I guess" I answered.
At Naruto's house
Naruto POV.
*KNOCK KNOCK* Just in time, that must be the guys. There guys so I don't have to put a shirt yet I'll put one on when they start the game. I walk up to the door and open it to see Sakura and Hinata there. "Oh, it's you guys, come right in I'm sorry I don't have a shirt on I thought you were the guys. *KNOCK KNOCK* Now that has to be them. I opened the door and saw the guys. "What's up guys, come right in" I told them. "Ummmm, Naruto are we interrupting something" neji asked me. "No, why? Oh the girls don't worry neji they just came here a minute ago and I'm shirtless because I thought when I opened the door I would see you guys but they were there" I explained. "Oh ok, are they going to play or did they just came here to see" shikamaru asked me. "Ummmm, actually I never really asked" I explained while I was scratching my hair. " we're both here to learn from the best"Sakura explained.
End of the party.

"Bye guys see you next time" I told them. "Bye Naruto see you next time"neji told me. Hmmmm where is Sakura, I swear I never saw her leave... Maybe she left after she asked me where was my bedroom maybe I was too distracted by the game. I don't know, whatever ok I'm going to bed. I go to my bedroom and it was really cold... I was about to throw myself on the bed but I saw Sakura on my bed shaking from the cold and I told her to go to her house but she wouldn't go. So I told her "wait a minute let me change" "ok" she responded. I was shirtless but I put some ninja pants, I didn't care because they were loose so they were comfortable so I went to sleep. After like half an hour I felt my bed shaking so I thought there was an earthquake but as I look to the side I see Sakura shaking again. "Sakura are you ok" I asked her. "Yeah but it's really cold... Do have more blankets that I can use"Sakura asked me while shaking of the cold. "No, sorry" I told her in an honest voice. I then grabbed her and pushed her to me and I hugged her so I could be some sort of blanket and I'm warm since I have a fox inside of me. That's the only way I could sleep, if not I will freeze just like an ice cube. She held me tight and after 5 minutes she stopped shaking.

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