Boyfriend & Girlfriend

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I was going to go see Sakura and I see her. "Hey Sakura" I told her while waving at her. She ran to me and jumped on me and kissed me, I'm in shocked but in a relief I didn't have to make the first move on her. I kissed her back and then I pushed her away and told her "Will you be my girlfriend" "I thought you'll never ask" Sakura told me and then we hold hands walk over to my house.

Hi it's the author this was a really short chapter because it was only of that moment. This story will not contain those type of sexuality. There together but just to be a cute couple ok. I'm sorry for the people that wanted that but that's just the way. Make your own ideas of those type of stories of search for those type of stuff but on my stories that type of content will not be allowed.

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