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When the nine tails was sealed into naruto, the nine tails instead of getting angrier, he knew this kid was someone who would be different right from the beginning. Kurama then decided to train and take care of naruto right from the beginning. So he gave naruto just the right amount of chakra so he could be stronger as a child. Then kurama thought "When this kit is older i want to introduce him to hagaromo"

If there is something wrong like: spelling, grammar and all those type of stuff please comment it because I don't want my stories to have bad grammar, cause i know what it feels like to get confused because of the bad grammar and i have to get my own imagination into the story and guess what it is. For example on a story i read someone wrote good bye instead of goodbye.

The rest will be explained on the story it's self. Oh and naruto is already 7 years old on the beginning of the chapter.
Bye thank you, author out.

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