The reincarnation of team seven

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Naruto POV.
Sakura and I were walking through the village and we saw sasuke, he then ran to us and told us "Naruto, Sakura the hokage has summoned us". "Will be right there" I told him. "Come on" I said. I then opened a portal to go faster to the hokage's office. "What's wrong" I asked with precaution to the lord third. "I summoned you because I need people that know each others skills like the back of their hand. I need you guys to go on your ultimate form and go on a "SS" rank mission. It's only for professional teams, like yours" lord third told us. "Where and when" Sasuke asked. "On the hidden rain village, the objective is to kill every akatsuki member alive" lord third explained. "When?" Sasuke asked. "Tomorrow morning, so get a goodnight sleep because you got a long day tomorrow. You're going against one of the strongest mercenaries ever trained" lord third said with worries. "We're ready especially since we're going to be working together again" I told lord third.
Sakura was staying over Naruto's house so she could be safe because even when Naruto is sleeping he can still sense the presence of an intruder.
Naruto's house
Naruto's POV.
"I'm going to change" I told Sakura. "Me too" sakura answered. I was done changing so I decided to scare Sakura. I open my door to see sakura shirtless but with a braw. I turn her around, pick her up and I made a quick spin on the bed so she would be the one on top of me. She then tried to punch me because I scared her but I just interrupted the punch with a kiss. "You can't keep on doing that every time you can't win with an argument or when I'm about to hurt you... Even though it works" Sakura told me. I then hugged her and tucked her in since it was pretty cold. 30 minutes later I sensed a presence. I got up from the bed and teleported outside. I flew up and saw a ninja from the hidden rain village staring at Sakura through my window. I then whispered "Amaterasu" and I hit him. I then teleported back to the house. I was really mad, so I went to sleep and first thing in the morning I'm going to go to the hokage's office.
I woke up so I opened a portal to the hokage's office, before I went through the portal I left 5 shadow clones on each gate to enter the leaf so no one would enter without permission.
Hokage's office

"Lord third, why was no one watching the village when all the villagers could of been in danger yesterday" I told lord third with disappointment. "What are you talking about Naruto?" Lord third asked in confusion. I then explained everything that happened. "From now on I will be sending 5 clones on each gate to watch the village, just imagine if the ninja wasn't after me, imagine if he would of planted bombs all over the village. I'm not going to become hokage knowing that I could of done something if that happened... I'm going to my mission" I told lord third in anger. I then opened a portal to the front gate and saw Sasuke and Sakura on their ultimate form so I decided to activate mine.
(This is what he looks like)

(This is what he looks like)

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