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After Naruto got out of his mindscape he saw that his body changed it had tattoos of tomes on his chest. He then decided to put on his black jacket with some black anbu pants.
Naruto POV.
I was walking back to the village after i was sent alone to a mission to test my new eyes since i already finished my training with the old man sage, i was confident that i was going to come back quick and talk to my friends. But then i sensed someone hiding on a tree whom was behind me. I then opened a portal and appeared behind him. He then tried to kick me but i used my "Almighty push" to push him away. He then fell on a rock and knocked himself out. Then out of no where 10 other ninjas appeared and circled Naruto. Naruto then started to do a giant rasengan with kurama's tails. Naruto then whispered "Deva Path" and every ninja surrounding Naruto went flying into the giant rasengan and they were all defeated. I then continued my way back to the leaf and I sensed the presence of danzo I did the same strategy with the first but this time I went behind a big tree to open the portal since I know danzo doesn't go easy on his enemies. Danzo then jumped but this time he was the one who was about to get surrounded, Naruto then whispered "limbo". "What did you say" danzo asked confused. "I'm not going to tell you I'm going to let you feel my power" I answered him with a smirk. Danzo is now preparing a jutsu but is about to get stopped. There are 6 of me against one danzo, what can he do? "Attack!!!" I yelled. I then saw danzo getting weaker after every attack my jutsu is doing. I'm now going to fly up in the sky. "Stop!!! Prepare, for, the NARUTO UZUMAKI BARAGE!!!" I yelled. one clone kicked danzo on the gut, the other one on the back, another one kicked him on the face and he flew really high on the air and I made a quick rasengan and hit danzo with it. Danzo got knocked out when he hit the ground and when I got down he saw danzo hit his head with a rock and he was bleeding a lot so I then decided to go back to Konoha, tell the hokage everything and take danzo to the hospital.
Taking danzo to the hospital.
Naruto POV.
I went to the hospital and then went to the hokage's office and I told him what happened. "What!!!! Well he left me no choice... I'm taking away his authority and leadership of his team and village. He will only be a shinobi for now on, and if you want I will hand over the leadership of the anbu black ops to you" lord third told naruto. "What no I don't want anything to do with the anbu, besides they might try to attack me because of what I did to them with the almighty push and also the Deva path plus the rasengan, I prefer becoming hokage when I'm older" I told lord third. "Ok then you're dismissed... Oh wait Naruto" "what lord third" " if you need a vacation because of relationships or what just happened with danzo tell me the amount of time and you will have it guaranteed ok" lord third told me. "No thanks I don't have relationships right now and I don't care about the thing with danzo so thanks anyways" I told lord third.

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