Chapter 2

Stephanie's pov

I woke up at 11:30 to my phone buzzing. it was a text from Ashton. Yay, what a wonderful way to start my morning.

From: Ashton

Goodmorning babe. Make sure you wear a skirt today ;)

I ignored the message and went downstairs to get some breakfast. I walked past one of my sisters, Emily, who was eating an apple of the couch watching TV. I had two sisters that lived with me since my drunk and abusive dad left when I was about 3 or 4 and my mom was a prostitute so I never saw her. Emily was 3 years older than me (23) and Bethany was 6 years older than me (26). My mom stayed with us until I was potty trained at 3, then she left. Both of my parents left at around the same time. My sisters have always taken care of me. Every once in a while our neighbors would help us out but it was mostly just the three of us. Our aunt and uncle paid the bills, but they never visit us.

"Hey Em." I said.

"Hey. So what did you do last night?" she said chuckling. I forgot about my hickey. I quickly pulled my hair in front of my neck and she laughed. "I'm guessing you went to the party that Louis threw. I didn't go, I was with Zack and I think Bethany was with John." she said. Zack was her boyfriend and John was Bethany's.

"Yeah I went. And this was from a guy named Ashton." I said gesturing to my neck. "And I have a date with him at 1 today."

"Oh, I see. Well, good luck."

I grabbed a muffin and went upstairs. I sat on my bed and ate my muffin as I did some things on my laptop. Once I finished my muffin I closed my laptop and walked over to my closet. I ignored Ashton's request on wearing a skirt since I think I knew what he had in mind, so I pulled out a pair of white denim shorts. I grabbed a floral tank top and put it on. I decided to straighten my hair since I had a bit of extra time. For my makeup I just put on foundation. I usually don't wear a lot of makeup unless its a special occasion. I sprayed some body spray from Victoria’s Secret on and went downstairs.

I took a while getting ready like I always do in the mornings so it was already 12:30. It’s not that it takes me a long time to get ready it’s just that I get distracted easily. I walked downstairs and since my sister had gone back upstairs I decided to sit on the couch and look through internet stuff on my laptop.

At 12:45 there was a knock on the door. I pulled my hair in front of my neck and walked towards the door. Just before I could open the door my sisters came downstairs and sat on the couch and tried to act casual.

“Hey babe.” Ashton said when I opened the door.

“Hello.” I said awkwardly. It’s not that I didn’t like Ashton it’s just that, I don’t hang around a lot of boys. I like to stay focused on things more important, like school or work.

“Hi. We’re Stephanie’s sisters." Bethany said. “I’m Bethany and this is Emily.” In my mind I stabbed everyone in the room, including myself.

“Nice to meet you Bethany and Emily. I’m Ashton.”

“Well, you two better get going. Bye!” Emily said shoving me out the door.

“I thought you said for me to meet you there, not pick me up. But thank you anyway” I said with a bit of annoyance in my voice.

“I thought I told you to wear a skirt; those are shorts. But they’re short enough so I guess they’ll do.” He said back. I rolled my eyes in disgust and got into his car.

“You never told me you had sisters.”

“That’s because your tongue was practically in my throat the entire time we were together last night.”

“It’s not like you hated it though.” I rolled my eyes for the second time before he continued. “Let me see your neck.”

“You’re driving.”

“We’re at a stop light.”

I groaned in defeat and showed him my neck. He kept silent and continued driving when the light switched colors.

We kept driving in silence for about 5 minutes before we reached the small restaurant.

When we got in we sat in the back even though I didn’t like the feeling of being alone with him. Again.

I ordered a slice of pepperoni pizza and Ashton ordered a slice of meat lovers.

“How old are you?” I said.



“That makes things less awkward for when we….”

Yep. Ok.” I said and before he could finish I walked to the bathroom. The ladies was full and I was not going to the men’s so I went to the family one. I leaned over the sink and started breathing a bit heavier. I cannot wait to get away from this sick-minded boy. Before I could think anything else the sick-minded boy walked through the door and locked it. I guess I forgot to lock it so now I’m stuck with the sick-minded boy again.

“Running away only makes me chase you more.” he said stepping closer to me. “We could replay part of what happened last night in here if you know what I mean.”

“I know exactly what you mean so you should know what I mean when I said this: I’m not that type of girl who likes bad boys. And you are trouble. So let’s forget about last night and get this ‘date’ over with.”

“I am not a bad boy.” He said with a playful smirk.

“You’re a bad boy.”

“But I have good lips.”

“I’m not kissing you.”

“I can use my lips for other things.”

“You’re disgusting.” I tried to walk towards the door but he stepped in front of it.

“You can only get out if you kiss me.”

Again with the smirky smart ass.


“Then I guess we’re both staying in here. And there is plenty we can do.”


I stepped towards him and kissed him. He put his hands around my waist and tried to pull me closer but I pulled away.

“Now let me out.”

“Some one’s feisty.” He turned around and opened the door and held my hand as we walked out. I tried to yank my hand back but he held it even tighter.

Shortly after we sat down at our table again our waitress brought us the pizzas.

We ate the really good pizza and paid the waitress. Ashton insisted he paid since he was “the man” but I left a $5 tip on the table before he caught me.

“How did you even find my house anyway?” I asked getting back inside the car.

“I followed you home last night so I could surprise you.”

I rolled my eyes and stared out of the window. After a while of staring I noticed we weren’t going back to my house.

“Where are we going?” I asked trying to keep my voice calm.

“My house.”

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