Chapter 7

-Stephanie’s pov-

I just finished yoga classes at the recreational center. I was sitting inside the gym where Ashton practiced his boxing stuff. I’m currently sitting here at a table on my phone trying to beat my high score on flappy bird. This game is inhumanly hard.

“Hello. I’m Luke. You?” a blonde haired guy sitting down next to me said. I don’t think he was a boxer because he wasn’t sweaty. He had on some shorts and a t shirt. I’m guessing he probably just helped other guys or something. He must’ve been one from Australia because he had an Aussie accent like Ashton.

“I’m Stephanie.” I said hesitantly.

“Aren’t you that girl that Ashton’s been talking about?”

“I think. He’s been talking about me?”

“Non-stop. He talks about how beautiful you are. I know he wasn’t lying now.” He smirked. “Are you guys together? Like boyfriend and girlfriend?”

“Thanks. And yes. We’re together.”

“Ashton hasn’t had a girlfriend in a while.” He said.


“No. He’s had a few hook-ups here and there but not an actual relationship.”

“Ah.” I nodded my head. A small blonde haired girl came up and sat down next to look and gave him a kiss on the cheek. She had short blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. She was short and curvy. Not fat, not skinny, but right in between and it was perfect.

“Hi. I’m Sarah.” She said with a smile. Her smile was beautiful and her eyes lit up as she smiled.

“I’m Stephanie.” I smiled back.

“That’s the girl Ashton was talking about.” Luke said. I guess everybody knows about me.

“Oh. He really likes you.” She winked. I chuckled and blushed.

Luke and Sarah went on into their own conversation. I can see how Luke looks at Sarah. He looks at her with love, care, and that ‘nobody is ever going to hurt you and if they do I will hurt them’ kind of look. I can also see how Sarah looks at Luke. She looks at him with love, compassion, and that ‘I know that I will never have to be afraid of losing you’ kind of look. They are truly perfect for each other, I can just see it. Does Ashton look at me that way? Do I look at him that way? I think I do. I truly like him though, no matter how he looks at me.

“Hey baby.” Ashton sat beside me. He was mildly sweating but not too bad.

“Hey Ash.”

“You feel ok?” he whispered. Luke and Sarah were too busy in their own conversation to hear what we were talking about.

“Yeah. Much better.” I said.

“That’s good. Say, how about we go out tonight, just you and me. Us. Together.” He said.

“I would love that. I would also love for you to take a shower sweaty boy.”

“I will. After I do this.” He pulled me into a hug and started kissing my face all over.

“EW. Stop you’re gross.” I chuckled trying to push him off of me.

“Never!” he continued hugging me and kissing my face.

-Sarah’s pov- (OOOOHHHH)

I looked over at Ashton and Stephanie playing around.

“They’re cute.” I said. Luke looked behind his shoulder and chuckled.

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