Chapter 4

Stephanie’s pov

I woke up around 11 that morning. My back was facing Ashton so I couldn’t tell if he was awake or not. I somehow managed to turn around and face him. He was still sleeping. He looked so peaceful. I liked it. But I like food more and I’m hungry. I tried to wiggle out of his grip but he only pulled me closer. I groaned.

“Where are you going babe?” he said. His eyes were still closed but he was awake now.

“I’m hungry.” I said.

“I can make pancakes.”

“I’ll make them with you.” I tried to get out of bed but he opened his eyes and pulled me closer.

“Who said we have to go now?” he smirked.

“What?” I said confused.

“Well I mean there’s plenty of other things to do. We could—“

“No.” I interrupted him.

“That’s not what I was about to say you little pervert. I was thinking it, just not saying it.”

“Oh yeah and I’m the pervert.”

“We could be perverted together.” He winked.

“No thank you. I’d rather just make pancakes together.” I said. Ashton rolled his eyes and got out of bed. He picked me up bridal style and started carrying me to the kitchen.

“Ashton what are you doing?” I said between laughs.

“Carrying my girl to the kitchen so we can make pancakes together.” He set me on the island in the kitchen and pulled out some pancake mix and a frying pan and heated the stove.

“What do you need?” I asked.

“It says one cup of water.” I grabbed a measuring cup and filled it with one cup of water.

“Here can you do this? I’ll be right back.” Ashton said. I grabbed the spatula and started flipping a few of the pancakes. After a short while I felt two strong arms wrap around my waist. He held his phone in front of me and showed me a picture of me flipping a pancake.

“See how damn hot you look? You really should wear my clothes more often.” He said. He turned his phone off and set it down on the counter but kept his arms around my waist. “You really are beautiful you know?” he gave me a small kiss on my cheek.

“Thanks Ash.” I said.

“I got this now. You can get some plates out of the cabinet.” He took over and I got the plates for him. He put 3 pancakes on my plate and 4 on his. We both poured ourselves some juice and sat down and started eating.


“So what do you want to do today babe?” Ashton said.

“I don’t know. What did you have in mind?” I said.

“You don’t want to know what I originally had planned.” He winked. “But I guess we could either stay here or shop or something.”

“I don’t really like shopping that much. How about we go see a movie?”

“Sounds good to me.”

“Ok. Just let me get ready.”

“I can stay.”

“No you can’t.” I pushed him out of his own room so I could get dressed. I put on a coral colored tank top and some jean shorts. It was just the movies so why look too fancy? I put on some sandals and some small blue flower earrings to match. I grabbed my necklace off of Ashton’s dresser and put it on. I decided to let Ashton in now.

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