"close youre eyes love." Niall politely asked.

I giggled "why?" covering my eyes with my hands.

"I told you its a surprise. Now do you trust me?"

"yeah of course." I smiled. "do you trust me?" he asked tickling my stomache.

I laughed "ye-YES!"

"good." The rest of the drive I held my hands to my face. " okay babe open youre eyes." I opened my eyes to find a carnival in front of me. " wow! this is amazing."

"I knew youd like it thats why I brought you here. Now you ever been to a carnival?'

"uhh... yeah once when I was little." He nodded and held his hand out to me. I took it and entwined my fingers with his. He playfully swung my hand back and fourth. "so where do you go first?"

"honestly I dont care you choose."

"alright. Hows about we go to the roller coasters?"

"yea great! I love roller coasters." I hated roller coasters. I was always afraid because I didnt want to fall out. My mom told me this story of how she almost fell out a coaster car, which made me paranoid the same would happen to me. We walked over to the biggest roller coaster there. The Death Hawk. My eyes widened "{good were here lets go!" Niall excitedly pointed out. He lightly tugged on my wrist, pulling me forward.

"tickets?" the girl held out her hand.

 "oh sorry love but we dont have tickets." Niall spoke in his thick Irish accent.

The girl popped her gum annoyingly, and rolled her eyes. "well do you have a bracelet?"

"nope." He said popping the 'p'.

"well im sorry you just cant ride..NEXT!" she yelled her arm pushig us to the side.

"hey...HEY!" Niall said to her.

"what do you want?"

"where are you from love if I can ask?"

"Cheshire well I moved there im originally from Sweden. What about you?"

" oh well cant you tell im from Mullinger." She raised a a brow. "Ireland."

"oh nice and where is the special girl from?" she pointed to me.

"oh im from here. London."

"really?" he questioned.

"yup born and raised. Well my mums from France and my dad is from Brazil but I wouldn't know because my mum told me he died before I was born sooo." Nialls eyes widened. He mouthed 'why didn't you tell me?'

'well talk later.' I mouthed back. He nodded.

"so can we please get on the ride?"

"do you have tickets?" Niall shook his head no. "do you have a riding bracelet?" No again.

"then im sorry but you cant get through."

"how much are the tickets?" Niall huffed pulling out his wallet."

"for 2 $1.00."

"so .50 cents each?"


"and how many does this take?"

"4 tickets 4 per person."

"ok can I just give you $8.00 that will be our tickets?"

"no im sor--."

"please love?" he gave a small wink. She smiled  "ok I guess so."

"thanks." Niall smiled giving her the $8.00."

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