Okay yea I was screwed I couldn't find my way. The weather was starting to bite. A dead phone with my charger in my stupid purse in Nialls stupid car. I was going to die.. maybe. I slipped my phone in my pocket and felt some paper. I pulled it out and a grin spread across my face. Money. Yes! money I could eat now I could buy another charger... I could catch a bus. My life was getting better it was a time to dance. So I started jumping up and down like a crazed dog. Shaking my bum saying yes I got money! Teasing the people walking by which probably wasn't such a good idea. People were walking and driving by me looking at me weirdly. Who cares I have money and I could do so much, but then something took my happiness away rather than someone. The black BMW honked at me. I watched as the car pulled over to me. The tinted window rolled down and there he was Niall.

"what the hell are you doing out here shaking your ass?" He said in his thick Irish accent laughing afterward. I crossed my arms refusing to answer. "C'mon are you prostituting?" he waited for an answer. "well c'mon in ill pay you and I wont beat you up afterward." he winked. His smile faded "but seriously why are you out here its cold?"

"why do you care?"

"why wouldn't I?"

"I don't know why? Oh yea maybe its because of AnaBelle." after I said her name her head popped up out of the backseat. "yes?" she questioned. She laughed. I gave her a mean look and began to walk away. Niall started to back up with me.

"where are you going?"

"none of your business."

"its cold where ever youre going ill drive you there. C'mon get in."

"nope." I spat.

"stop being stubborn." I ignored him. "did I do it?" I still ignored. "can I help you deal with it?" I said nothing. "fine then don't talk to me." he put the car in drive "and if youre trying to walk home youre going the wrong way." he took his foot off the brake and sped off. Bitch! I hated him. Did he really just watch my mood from being happy to a little mad to mad? ,and he had the nerve to ask did I do it? can I help deal with it? What the hell?! Did he think it was Harry well Harry brought the stupid fucking blonde in the first place I huffed and ran my fingers through my hair one good time. The wind started blowing it all over the place I looked on my wrist for a hair tie. When I found one I put my hair in a big messy bun on the top of my head. Well no reason to just stand here I started walking. I put my hand to my face I was too mad to fucking tell Niall to hand me my purse. I could've took my charger to a local diner and I knew where one was and charge my phone so I could call, but obviously I was too mad for that. I turned a corner. My eyes widened a Verizon store.

"yes oh my god yes!" I ran across the street into the store.

"welcome! how may I help you?" the lady asked politely.

"um im looking for a iPhone charger."

"ok what generation?" she smiled.

"5 I-I mean 5th."

"don't be nervous."

"w-what im not."

"you sure are acting like it. Here we are an iPhone 5 charger thatll be... never mind ive got it."

"really I can pay for it--" she cut me off.

"have you ever had something nice done for you?" she didn't wait for my response. "if not well learn how to accept things what people say is what they mean and I say ill pay for it." she smiled. "now do you need a box to plug this up?" I nodded. She put everything in a small bag. "ok here we are darling."

"why are you being nice?"

"well you look like you had a rough day."

"ha that's for sure."

"and just felt like being nice sometimes you just feel like it." I smiled "well thanks."

"no problem." I walked out the store with the small bag. I stuffed it in my pocket so no one would try any funny business. I thought about what the lady said "what people say is what they mean". Man so when I said I love Niall I meant it and I did but I don't know if he felt the same about me. There it was the diner, Lydia's Diner.  Me and Harry used to come up her all the time in the summer, we were regular customers. On this case it was... just me. I stepped in and there she was my favorite lady second to my mum. She gasped when she saw me walk in.

"oh my god Amanda?!" She put on her reading glasses. "it is you come here you." She said waving me over. I gave her a big hug she smelled of fries, and tea cakes. "how have you been?" she said in her thick Scottish accent.

"good and you?"

"great. Wheres Harry?" I shrugged. I knew where he was.

"but I came here to charge my phone can I?"

"of course I know how much you kids need your electronics. Can I get you anything?"

"no im fine."

"are you sure special is tea cake on the house."

"ok sure."

"tea." I nodded. I plugged my charger into the outlet. As soon as it came on I went to my contacts. I called my mum.



"oh sorry is this Amanda?"

"yea who else?" I got smart with whoever on the other end of the phone. She cleared her throat. "umm your mum is on a trip and wont be back fo a while."

"What?! When did she say she was going on a trip?! The time when I need her most sh--" wait I thought. She did tell me that. A couple days before prom but I probably wasn't fully listening. " well tell her I said have a nice trip and see her when she gets back and I love her."

"ok all of that will be told."


"no thank you" She hung up fast. Well that was nice my mum on a trip who knows where. I scrolled through my contacts clicking on peoples names. Asking them if they could get me but of course they were all busy. I texted Harry my last hope... I thought. He was busy too man I had no idea how to get home and Lydia lived up the street so she had no car. She walked but her husband did, but he also got off work in the morning. I wanted to go home now. So my last resort was... Niall I texted him.

                                                                                                           Me: hey where are you?

Niall: oh were talking now?

                                                                                                          Me: just tell me where you are

Niall: um coming up Laundenderry

That was close to me.

                                                Me: ok just come to Lydia's Diner you know where that is?

Niall: I can find it

                                                                     Me: ok good see you when you get here

Niall: k... I love you:)

                                                                            Me: sure just come and get me.

I really didn't want to see him or AnaBelle. Its like they fell in love right in front of me. I waited a few and drank my tea. Then Niall's BMW pulled up outside "can I have the cake to go?"

"of course dear." she wrapped to pieces up in foil. " thanks Lydia." I gave her a quick hug.

"pleasure." she winked. I walked out of the diner. "come back soon!" she yelled to me. I nodded and stopped where Nialls car sat. I stood there and waited for Nialls window to go down and me to se somebody I hated most right now... Niall.

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