I woke up almost under Niall. He was lightly snoring. I smiled he really was cute when he was sleep. I looked checked my phone for any texts or anything and there was that screen saver again. He lost me but he was still up and living happily. I unlocked it ignoring the screen saver and checked Instagram and Twitter, Niall followed me and I followed back. I looked at his Instagram pictures the light shining on his blue eyes made him look even more attractive. As I was looking through my phone it beeped. It was from Harry.

Harry: im so sorry babe forgive me I fucked up.

Then more came from him... oh god I thought.

Harry: I love you

Harry: I miss you... im  still thinking about you

Harry: I really fucked up this time im sorry

Harry: I was a dick please talk to me I never meant to hurt you. You were the only girl I loved I swear ill change.

I replied to all those messages

Me: Don't talk to me

I was so irritated he still begged to get me back even though I hated him. He knew that but he still texted me I really could care less about him. I thought to myself do I really hate Harry as much as I say I do? I huffed at the thought.

"oh whats wrong babe?" He said.

I jumped, "oh when did you get up?" I tried to hide my phone from him.

"ive been up just staring at you... youre insanely beautiful I swear im glad to have you." He sat up and pecked on the cheek. He whispered in my ear "ill never do anything to hurt you.. I promise." He got up and walked to the bathroom and I sat looking at my phone. This was the worst thing that happened to me... my phone without it I couldn't talk to Harry or Niall couldn't go through it. Which scared me the most Niall looking through my phone. I had a code on it of course he couldn't get to my messages or anything. I rush of relief swept over me. As Niall walked out of the bathroom I walked in.

Niall's POV

I passed Amanda and sat on the couch. I reached over for the remote when Amandas phone beeped. I ignored it at first but then the suspense of who texted got the best of me. I slyly reached over grabbing Amandas phone, looking back making sure she wasn't coming. I clicked her phone on and the text read

Harry: Well... love you 2.  My eyes widened and my mouth dropped. "what the hell!" She happily came out of the bathroom her smile fading when she seen her phone in my hand. "Niall give me my phone." she stood at the end of the hall barely in the living room. "what were you doing on it?"

"so you still love Harry? eh?"i answered.

"I swear I have no idea what you mean." she said defensively putting her hands up. I looked her straight in her pretty green eyes and said "this... im talking about this." I threw her phone to the ground at her feet. "hey don't throw my stuff that was expensive!"

"yea I bet it was Harry get you it for a gift or something? I heard he has a lot of money." 

"ok why are you so mad about Harry I dont like him nor do I talk to hi--" I cut her off.

"look at your phone."

Amanda's POV

I picked my phone up off the ground and read what the text read and Niall had every reason to be mad at me. It didn't mean anything I never even said I love you. Why would he even say that.

"Niall look its so not what you think." He stood crossing his arms.

"ok" he said. "I believe you."

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