"ah... here we are my sweet little angel." my mum said fixing my eyebrows with a little spit.

"mum I love you and you know how much I do but... why would you set me up with Niall?

"and why not hes a nice, cute boy, personally hes a favorite of mine unlike that Jerry Skyles or something like that."

" Harry mum and that's my boyfriend and I love him. You know how bad it hurt me to tell him I was already going to prom with someone."

" I bet it made you die but I get a bad vibe from that Harry, I feel like he just might try to get in your pants after the prom...And if that happens... well who knows what will happen he could give you something."

"I doubt he has anything."

"or heaven forbid get you pregn---"

There was a knock at the door and a irish voice.

"hello... uh Mrs. Fultz im here to pick up Amanda." Oh god I thought my life was over, well at least I had a date to prom considering most girls didn't.

"great that's him now you be on your best behavior you hear me."

"sure I guess." My mum tried to take a picture of me but I moved the camera away. "no I don't want to remember this prom...EVER."

    My mum huffed and puffed and put the camera in its pouch. I grabbed my coat and purse and headed for the door. " ill be back around 12ish." my mum nodded. Just before I grabbed the door knob something popped into my mind. I turned to say "and I would never let him get me pregnant and if he did so what it wouldn't be yours." I stormed out of the house passing up Niall and his cheesy compliments and sat in his car until he was ready to go and end my life.

     Through the whole prom I sat down very bored I thought I would've had a great time with Harry. Speaking of Harry where was he? I got up and looked around a bunch of people tried to stop me for a conversation but this was serious. I still couldn't find him so I took out my phone, I stopped and looked at my screen saver Harry was kissing my cheek and the caption said "I might die if I loose you". A smile spread across my face which quickly faded as I looked at Emilie Philips sitting on my boyfriends lap. Just laughing it up and I watched as he whispered little things in her ear that made her giggle. Touching her in places she had never been touched before and if she did, he touched it better. I knew because he did that to me most of the time he tried to make me hot but I tried my best not to. I watched more and then the most terrible happened he grabbed her small chin a pulled her face to his. My mouth dropped open and I felt the tears coming I needed to get to a bathroom quick. I turned to find Niall the person I really didn't want to see staring down at me, his face read concerned.

"Awe love come here you really don't deserve this." he held his hand out for me to take and I did. Even though I was upset there was no reason to be a bitch to Niall it kind of made me feel bad for being a bitch earlier. He pulled me through the crowd of sweaty teenagers into the quiet hallway. "Listen im so very sorry, hes a jerk and hes fucking dumb if he thinks its alright to cheat on you."

"would you cheat on me?" I asked wiping my tears.

          "well..." He scratched the back of his head. His cheeks turned bright red. "of course not there would be no reason to you would be perfect for me." I felt the tears again I covered my eyes with my hands. " oh don't cry please don't cry."  He said pulling my hands from my face. Tears were on my cheeks and my mascara was running. He took his thumbs and wiped my tears away. "please don't cry you're too pretty to cry." Then a rush of tears came and he wrapped his big strong arms around my waist. I cried on his shoulder. He whispered in my ear "How could you ever let someone hurt you like this?" I shrugged. I don't know how could I. "he may not but...I love you Amanda I really do." I felt the same it was weird but I did I  looked up and said " I love you too." I stood on my the balls of my feet and pressed my lips against Nialls. He gently grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him. I ran my fingers through his hair fisting it, I had been so used to fisting Harrys hair it became a habit. Niall eventually pulled away and we stared at each other. I smiled at him no longer wanting to cry.


I looked up it was Harry and Emilie they were holding hands like a couple, im pretty sure Harry was drunk. "what the hell are you doing?" He said dropping Emilies hand and walking over to me and Niall. "hey what the fuck do you think you're doing messing with my bird (girlfriend)" I had enough "Harry why do you even care." He turned a angrily grabbed my wrist. "ow Harry that hurts..... Harry stop! you're hurting my wrist STOP!" I pounded his chest with my fist "HARRY STOP YOU FUCKER! you're hurting me pleaseee HARRY!"

"get the fuck off of her!" Niall punched him and pushed him into the wall. "why do you want to hurt her more you're a jerk! you don't even love her, you were probably smashing girls behind her back weren't you?"

Harry looked down at his shoes. I already knew what he was going to say. Then, he looked up  at me and opened his mouth "I only did it because I knew you wouldn't and you know how bad I wanted you, but sadly you weren't ready for that yet." he said making quotation marks in the air. The tears came before I could even think about it. Then, before I knew I was yelling at Harry. "you son of a bitch! how could you! My mum was right about you!! I knew I should have listened to her!!!"

"no Amanda its not like that I still love you just as much, I only did it to fulfill my sex drive. The sex I had meant nothing I swear you've got to believe me." I shook my head no. Why should I believe him he lied to me, cheated on me, and he broke me. I wiped my tears "so you were cheating on me with Emilie this whole time? huh?"

"noooo! Amanda I was just going to have sex with her to you know fulfill my sex drive, nothing else I swear." I couldn't believe him everything on him read liar to me. "she's not even as pretty as you why would I leave you to be with her?" In my head I broke a smile because it was funny how he was saying all this with Emilie standing behind him in shock.

"jackass." Emilie said walking down the steps. "you told me you broke up with her you're the biggest liar ever"! she whipped around and said to me " im so very sorry Amanda." she then turned back around and smacked Harry in his face and walked away. Harry stood there rubbing his cheek. I stepped up to Harry "don't text me, call me, facetime me, nothing. I don't want to hear from you ever again and if you're thinking, yeah there is absolutely nothing you can do to win me back and that's a promise." I turned around and grabbed Nialls hand "please take me somewhere ill be happier." I told him.

"Delighted." he responded. On our way down the hall I turned around "and Harry we are through!." I yelled. I turned back around and walked out the door. I was upset, really upset only one person could make me happy at that point, someone I hated at the beginning of the night...Niall

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