Chapter 2

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        Niall drove up to a park with a beautiful pond, that the moon reflected off of. We sat next to one another under a big Weeping Willow. " its beautiful." I said breaking the silence.

"yea it is." Niall agreed "but not as beautiful as you." he smiled at me. My cheeks turning bright red. "ew! you're sooo cheesy!" I laughed.

"thanks, but its true." he stroked my face "Ive always wanted to be some place like this with you."

"what do you mean?" He looked down at his palms, "I just have always wanted to be with you. Didn't want to date you for you're popularity, just because you were like the nicest popular girl that didn't make fun of me."

"why would I make fun of you."

"haven't you heard?" I shook my head no. well last year I tried out for the football (soccer) team and failed terribly. So one day the lads thought it would be funny to play a joke on me and tell me I could play the big game. You were a cheering in the stands I couldn't take my eyes off you but when I did everyone laughed at me.They thought it was funny the 'waterboy' wanted to play and then I got a big, cold bucket of g\Gatorade poured on my face."

"that  was you? oh im sorry everyone told me that it was Alec Franchisko."

"well yeah that happened and it ended my life sooo..."

"but ive seen you play football youre good."

"I know ive been practicing... but im not trying out again. I have this thing that when I don't do good on something I never try again. I just sometimes feel like I fail its probably why my dad shot himself, cause his sons a failure." I was concerned as I watched him drop at tear.

"oh babe im sorry." I gave him a heartfelt hug. He looked up and pressed his lips to mine. I let him put slip his tongue into my mouth. I pulled him closer to me our bodies touching. I felt like we had been dating for years or months. He made me so happy I trusted him to do anything and everything, if you know what I mean. I pulled away making him fall forward. "hey what do you say we take this some place else?"

He looked confused at first then his eyes widened. He nodded in agreement as and grabbed his keys and we left.


we were at his house which was quite big. No one was home and it was very quiet, including the neighborhood itself. "so...." he broke the silence. It was only seconds before we roughly smashed our faces together. He took off his blazer and tie. "come on hurry I don't want to wait.." I greedily said.

"sorry I was just--" I cut him off.

"oh just shut up." I pulled him closer to me. I felt Niall unzipping my dress at the back it dropped  to the ground, leaving me down to my bra and underwear. I unbuttoned Nialls shirt while he unzipped his pants. I frantically fiddled with the buttons. "here let me do it." he said.

"no I want to do it."

"let me please." he begged.

"no let me I want to." Niall huffed and licked my neck in a  trail and blew over it. I immediately dropped my hands from his shirt moaning. He unbuttoned his shirt and threw it on the floor. He walked me to his room and left me on the bed. "ill be back." he said. He came back with a condom in hand. "ready to do this." I nodded. "wait Niall this will be my first time and.." my voice trailed off. "I know ill make sure its perfect. I wont be to rough." I smiled "what if I want it rough." I bit my lip at the comment." then that's how youll get it." he smiled. "well do you want it like that?"

"surprise me babe surprise me."  Niall layed me down him on top and kissed my neck. He lifted and put  on the condom. "ready." I bit my lip "just do it." He pushed himself inside of me and began to pump. I moaned he was very rough and then he wasn't I knew he was teasing. I moaned more as he licked and nibbled on my neck. "Niall?.... Niall.....NIALL!" He huffed and looked at me.

"what do you want now?" he said in his thick Irish accent.

"why are you teasing me?" He narrowed his eyes at me, which made me smile. "did you really make me stop to answer that?" I nodded biting my lip. "well if you want to know youll have to figure it out." he went back to sucking my neck. I dug my nails into his back. " ow!." he hollered. "what the hell?"

"sorry did that hurt."

"no it felt soo good I really want you to do it again... come on do it again." he sarcastically said, smirking at me. I loved his sarcasm but it reminded me of Harry. He was like the God of Sarcasm.

"You remind me of Harry." I smirked. I watched his smile fade into a small frown. "hey uhh... im getting tired I think were done here." He said putting his pants back on. He walked out to the kitchen and I followed.

Niall's POV

Is she serious right now? I thought. She said I was like Harry. Why on earth would she say that? I would never act like that jerk. I opened the cabinet and pretended like I was looking for food.

"hey whats the matter?" Amanda came wrapping her arms around me. I shrugged still skimming the cabinet. "ok now youre acting bitchy." She said, angering me.


"how was I acting bitchy I did nothing!" she screamed. I whipped around making her back away. "HOW IN THE FUCK COULD YOU TELL ME I ACT LIKE THAT JERK HARRY!!"I watched her eyes narrow and she huffed. "are you serious Niall? are you really mad about that? that's petty as fuck!"

"well im sorry its petty but damn it really bothered me."

"well damn Niall im sorry." She pressed her lips to mine slipping her tongue into my mouth. "mmm... stop being bad." I smirked.

"Its my specialty." she laughed. "Ive got a question."


"how did you... learn.. you know..."

"how to pleasure girls?" She innocently nodded. "well I was really depressed my dad died so I found comfort in sex. So there was a time in my life when I was reckless and loose and fucking any girl I seen, and was 'hot' to me." she nodded liked she understood. "then I started trying new things and this is where I am." I smiled. "wow... and im bad..."

Amanda's POV

I was shocked I really thought he was a nerd, but it happens he know more about sex than I do. I yawned. "hey can I crash here tonight? I really don't want to deal with my mum tonight."

"sure that's cool."

"youre mum wont care that im here she wont be concerned..." I asked.

"nah she doesn't care about half the stuff I do."

"oh alright so I think I might go to bed ill sleep on the couch." I said turning around in the direction of the couch, when Niall grabbed my wrist. I looked at him "before you go to bed wanna have sex first?" I shrugged, "in your room?" I asked.

He grabbed my hands "or we can do it there." he pointed to the couch. I bit my lip and looked at him "yeah you are so bad." I said smashing my face to his in a rough kiss and im pretty sure you can figure out what happened after that.;) 

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