Niall rolled down the window. "there she is! theres my special girl!"

"don't get too happy I just want you to take me home."

"but you texted me because you miss me right?"

"no you were the only one who was busy." I made quotation marks in the air with my fingers. I opened the car door and got in. He drove out of the diners driveway and back the way he came.

"hey how do you know I wasn't busy." He copied my using my fingers as quotations.

"oh sorry were you having sex with AnaBelle?"

"ok what is up with you and AnaBelle? Are you like jealous?"

"fuck no! I don't know but its kinda gets annoying watching girls kiss on you when you were dating me and you actually leaving me your girlfriend while you go toss hot dogs in the air with AnaBelle."

"ok so what are you saying!"

"im fucking saying you left me alone! and if it wasn't for Harry your stupid ass would have no fucking idea where I was! No one would because I would be gone!"

"shhh quiet down."

"oh im sorry is AnaBelle in the back sleep sorry Ana I had to interrupt your sex session!"

"listen you want to know the truth?" He stopped at a red light and turned towards me. " yes ill admit shes a very beautiful girl and at first I liked her a lot and she gave me butterflies and made me blush. We went to eat and I wanted to impress her so I was doing tricks and then she kissed me. I thought I would've been happy but I thought of you kissing my cheek and I felt bad. Me still liking her a little we went on rides. I thought me and you broke up." he pulled off. "so I told her she could stay at mine for a day and you want to know what she said?"


"im sorry but I don't like you like that id rather be with Harry MY BOYFRIEND! and theyre probably at home right now having sex and I was so dumb to even think of liking her."

"well shes very pretty."

"I know that, that's why I liked her like I liked you."

"im not as pretty as her."

"aw shut up! you know youre down right gorgeous." I shook my head no. "yes you are and I lost you over a blonde chick that wasn't even mine to start with. She was with HARRY! what girl in their right mind would leave him to be with me?"

"I would and I did.'' he smiled at my comment.

"I love you."

"yea I love you too." he quickly kissed my cheek. I began to blush "so were going to mine or yours?" he asked.

"uh mine you can stay over my mums gone so..."

"oooh I know what youre saying." he raised an eyebrow.

"yea im saying we can stay up and watch movies." We both laughed.

"so does this mean were together again?'' I shrugged ''does it?''

"id say yes cool with you?"

"yup as long as you don't leave me for blonde Polish girls ever again!''

"ok I promise." he laughed. Good I thought now just get me home.


we stopped in front of my house. I opened the door and grabbed my purse. I went to unlock the door. I opened it and stepped inside I threw everything on the couch. Niall walked I after me. I thought of my house compared to his huge house it wasn't a mansion but it was just big. "welcome to le Manda's." I smiled holding my arms out.

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