"wake up wake up." Harry said shaking me. I mustve fell asleep in the car. I got out and walked around the fountain in the middle of the drive way up the steps to the big French doors. Harry unlocked the door frantically. "here you are darling." Harry held a arm motioning me inside. "thanks." I heard people talking in the kitchen. I gasped. "Mrs.Styles?"

"is that my lovely Amanda?" she walked into the hall. She gasped too. "it is oh ive missed you." she gave me a small hug. "you haven't been over in ages my darling. Oh and youre the most beautiful thing." she said pushing my hair from my face. "wow you have changed cant quite put my finger on it but you seem different." I smiled. "oh Robin come here."

"yes darling whos here" he gasped. "oh Amanda what a surprise seeing you here." He wrapped his arms around me. "oh come, come are you thirsty? hungry? come to the kitchen for tea."

"ok." I followed them into the kitchen. I felt Harry grab my bum. "ooo" I jumped.

"well what on earth is wrong?" Mrs. Styles asked.

"oh nothing ma'am its just cold."

"oh we'll have the ac turned down anything else love?"


"good." she turned around speaking to her husband again. I turned around to see Harry laughing. I laughed too. "dumbass." I whispered.

"haha but you love it." he smilled.

"sure." I giggled sitting at one of the kitchen chairs.

 "tea darling?" Robin questioned.

"yes please." I watched him pour the tea and cream into a cup. Harry came and sat next to me. "well mum I was wondering if Amanda could stay over." he said tossing an apple into the air then taking a big bite.

"well of course you don't have to ask, tea?"

"no thanks. C'mon." Harry motioned me over to a hall.

"uhh thanks for the tea it was great."

"no problem youre family." I nodded following Harry.

"don't leave that apple core up there Harry!" she yelled to him.

"okay mum." I followed Harry up the spiral steps into his bedroom. "C'mon sit." He motioned to his couch. I walked over only to have my bum tightly squeezed again by Harry. I smacked his hand "stop it!"

"man why cant I?" he whined.

"because I said no."

"C'mon  please Amanda ill be gentle."


"s'il vous plait b'eb'e." he said please baby in French.

"no matter what you say in French ill never say yes." I crossed my arms.

"je t'eime ." I love you he said.

"stop speaking in French."

"pourquio?" why he asked. If he wanted to speak in French I would too.

"parce que vous etes ennuyeux!" because you annoying I yelled in the French language.

"ooh well done babe I didn't know you mastered the French language."

"I didn't master it I just studied it for a couple of years."

"and youre good. Its hot when you speak French to me. Parler sale pour moi."  he said talk dirty to me he smiled.


"awe were not Frenching anymore?"

"okay that mans two things and to both are a huge no."

" okay but I do love you." He said walking behind me wrapping his arms around my waist. My eyes widened as I felt something poking at my backside. "Harry?! what the hell are you doing?!"

"shhh, shhh." he told me to quiet. He whispered in my ear " do you feel that?" I nodded. "you know what that is?" I nodded again. "well you wanna know why its like that?"


"because im happy... and I want to be inside of you." My eyes widened. "okayyyyy...... um im gonna go." I struggled to get out of his grip. " no, no c'mon just once."

"no! Harry let go!" I demanded.

"please babe." he begged roughly nibbling and sucking on my neck.

"no! and youre starting to hurt me! stop it Harry please!" I whined.

"please just do this once... for me?"

"I said.. NO!" I yanked away from him. "what the hell Harry." I smacked him across the face. "what are you sex craved?"

"I was just kidding. Come here darling." he held open his arms. "no! Harry im so gone bye." I walked out boldly walking down the spiral steps.

"I love you babe!" he called to me chuckling as he closed his room door. I walked to the kitched ready to say bye to Harrys parents when I heard them talking about something.

"yes of course I know that but how on earth could she come back to him?" Mrs. Styles asked.

" Darling you know Amanda has never been the brightest bulb in the box. I mean maybe she just wanted a cuddle buddy? Isnt that what the kids call it these days?" Harrys mum laughed at that comment. " oh Robin, but seriously whats going on he left with a Polish blonde and came back with Amanda."

"from what I heard Amanda was with some Irish guy called Niel?"

"oh yes of course Niall dear." she corrected Robin. Robin nodded. "but why on earth would she go back to Harry?"

"seems to me they are playing a game of cat and mouse. Harry the cat chases Amanda the mouse and then vice versa." Harrys mum giggled. " yea but its whatever she wants." they got up and walked out of the kitchen. What the fuck!? I thought. How did they know about Niall? Did Harry tell them everything? I guess so. Wow never thought id say this but I no longer felt welcome in the Styles' home and probably wouldn't for a while. I walked outside slowly and quietly closing the door behind me. I stood there for a while wondering what I was going to do. I realized Harry drove me here and he was in his room. After the strange encounter we just had I actually didn't want him to drive me back home. I paced back and fourth thinking yes! ill go back in there and ask Harry to take me home or ill call Niall. I really didnt want to go ask Harry for anything. He always made me nervous but not this nervous. I really didn't want to speak to Niall because he was with AnaBelle. Wow, he was having so much fun with AnaBelle that he didn't even bother to call me back after our argument. Fuck him! I swear he was standing on very thin ice. Well actually it already broke me and Niall were done, officially. With that being said there was only one thing that I had to handle that internal conflict. Would I ask Harry to take me? of course not. Would I call Niall to rescue me? fuck no! Would I call my mum? I looked at my phone.

"son of a bitch!" yup my phone was dead that means couldn't call Niall if I wanted to. That only meant one thing... I was going to walk. Yea I had no idea where I was going or what direction I was going in but ill find my way. It might take me a while but ill get it my mum always said if you don't know ask, and in this case I couldn't. She also said if you don't know figure it out, so that's what I was going to do.... Figure this shit the fuck out.

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