Chapter 1

A battle with a wolf

In a world similar to your own, there is a forest, and that forest is where my story begins.  Who an I?  I didn't even know the answer to that at first.  You see, my parents were wolves, and man they kept a LOT of secrets from me!  They didn't even tell me what my name is or even who I was.  All I knew was that I didn't even look like a wolf. I had purple scales, gold underbelly, brown wings with matching spine spikes, red eyes, gold horns pointing upward, my snout didn't even look like a wolf's!  My brother even called me a purple alligator that ran into a tree one too many times.

My brother is Moon.  He's a gray wolf with blue eyes and a voice as deep as a rapper's, and he's only 16 years old!  Yes wolves in my world live longer then in your world.  Anyway, My brother and I were heading for the wolf equivalent of high school.  I was thinking about how this year was going to play out, and my brother was complaining that summer vacation didn't last enough.  "Man, if I see Fletch one more time, I'm going to make him wish he never called me that!" Moon said, "I couldn't agree more."  We came across an opening of two tall trees which meant we reached school.  We ran into Cali, who is the teacher and principle at our school.  She was a brown wolf with blue eyes.  "Well guys it seems that you're late."  she said, "Oh well. Domination class is starting so let's forget this and move on."  That seemed better than I thought, normally she would scold us for being late.

So here we are at Hydra Lake where our domination class is supposed to take place, and there Fletch talking with his five annoying girlfriends again.  Fletch had brown bur and teal eyes, by the way.  He looked right at Moon and Me and yelled so that everybody could hear "Hey everyone look!  It's Moonbeam and his boyfriend, THE PURPLE PINATA!"  Nobody except his girlfriends laughed at his joke, and part of that was that I was known and loved by everybody.  "Okay everyone." Cali said, "welcome to class, and as we all know, I'm going to teach you all how to be and alpha male or female.  Now we all know that part of being a leader is winning challenges.  So for today, let's have some fun shall we."  "One question," Moon said, "What is it Moon?" "Can I kill my opponent?" "Sorry, but no." Cali said, "After all, this is just practice, but you do get to pick your opponent." "Fine." Moon said, "Then purple pinata and I will fight Fletch." "Oh you're dead punk!" Fletch said. 

Immediately, he ran at Moon and pounced at him, but Moon dodged his attack, grabbed his tail, and threw him against a tree.  "Don't let him do that to you Fletchie!" screamed one of his girlfriends, "Give him the knockout!" said another, "Got it!" Fletch said.  He then ran and grabbed Moon's throat.  "Hey!" Moon screamed, "Dude are you going to help or not?" That's when it hit me, and I knew exactly what to do. I ran at Fletch, grabbed his tail with my mouth, jumped over Moon, and slammed Fletch to the ground. I landed right on top of him, and everyone except Fletch's girlfriends cheered as I stepped off of him.  the fight continued for several minutes, each more intense than the last, but Moon and I came out on top in the end. 

After watching the other fights with the rest of the class, my brother and I headed out for lunch.  "Man that was awesome!" Moon said, "I can't believe we actually beat him!  He usually whips our butts, but man, I really stuck it to him!  Nice job bro!" I rolled my eyes.  "It wasn't that great a fight." I said "Besides, unlike other fights, we fought at the same time." "Yeah I guess that's true.  Aw man, goat meat again? I just had that for breakfast!"

The rest of the school day went on uneventfully, except for Flynn jumping into a tree and hitting his head hard against it just to impress Cali, Saying afterwards, "Did you see the way I hit that tree?  It takes years of practice to pull that off, BOOM!" Moon and I went home to a mountain with several holes and caves carved into it. I turned around and looked at the view.  It was stunning!  Thousands of trees were surrounding a crescent moon shaped lake, the sunset creating a orange glow,  pink clouds in the sky, and faint stars glowing in the sky.  I thought to myself.  If only I knew who I am.  "Hey!" Mom said "Coming." I replied.

"So did you two do anything interesting today?" Dad said, "Heck ya!" Moon replied, "We beat the snot out of Fletch, and Flynn hit his head on a tree!" "Oh really." said Mom, "Well it's getting late, and you have school tomorrow.  So why don't you go to bed." "Aw Mom. Really?" "Yes really!" Moon and I were headed to the back of the cave where our beds are.  Moon mumbled somthing to himself. "I heard that!" Mom shouted, "Whatever!" my brother said.  and with that, went to our beds, which were the smallest two piles of hay.  Today had been a good day, and I was pretty tired, so I fell asleep the fastest.

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