Alpha I Will Not Accept I Only Reject!

Chapter One

"Alisa wake up! You are going to be late for school. "My mother, shouted up the stairs to me. "I am up" I shouted back. Rolling out of bed, I went into the bathroom. I turned on the shower so it could heat up and as soon as it was hot enough, I stepped into the shower. Feeling the hot water jet against my body, was just what I needed. After washing my whole body down and quickly rinsing off, I grabbed my white fluffy towel, and wrapped it around me.

I'm six ft. olive skin and blonde curly hair. My eyes are my favourite as they are a bright aqua green. I'm Slim but not to slim and have nice curves in all the right places. Looking in the full-length mirror, I decided to leave my hair dry naturally, as I knew, I wouldn't have time to straighten it this morning. Applying my favourite lip-gloss and a little mascara, I started to get dressed. Slipping on my black skinny jeans, with my favourite yellow tank top, I decided to wear my yellow converses. Giving myself one last look over in the mirror, I ran downstairs. "Morning mother, father," I greeted my parents. Walking over to sit at the table like every morning, my mother had the table filled with food. " Lucas come on, you're going to make your sister late," mother shouted, to my brother.

Lucas and I are twins; he is the next one in line for Alpha. He is also the main quarterback in our school football team, which makes him the most popular. Nevertheless he is also, known as the best-looking person in our school. It is, as if every girl wants a piece of him. He is just over six ft. and has blonde curly hair, the same as mine but shorter, with bright green eyes and olive skin.

After breakfast, we both jumped into my black Lamborghini and left to pick his friend Mason up. Mason was next Beta in line for our pack. Even though he was one of the popular's', Mason, always took his time, to talk to me, not like Lucas's other friends.

Well I guess you realized by now, that I'm not in with the popular group. It wasn't because I couldn't be, no, it was because I could not be bothered. As to me, they are all to up on themselves. However, I have enough, being centre of attraction with being the Alpha's only daughter, without adding more to it.

Tomorrow is our eighteenth birthday, which means, we are going to transform into our wolves by the next full moon, this Saturday. Pulling up outside Mason's house, I spotted Mason waiting by the gate. "Hey you two, how's the plans going, for your birthday party going? " He asked, while getting into the car. "Hi" we both replied." We are going to have it tomorrow, so it will give us all day Saturday then to rest, and get ready to welcome our wolves," Lucas replied.

I was beginning to get nervous about the transformation into my wolf. However, not because the pain, It was the fear, of who my mate was going to be. To make matters worse, my father has invited the entire soon to be Alpha's bachelors, in hope that one of them will be my mate. "Yeah right as if I want to be an Alpha female," I thought to myself. As all my life, I have had to put up with all the Alpha meetings and stuff, and its drove me mad, to be honest. Do you really think I want that for the rest of my life "NO WAY!" I mentally told myself.

As I pulled into the schools parking lot, I could see all the it girls pulling their tops down and shortening their skirts, not that they could get them any shorter. Like every day, they were waiting for Lucas and Mason. "What the hell, they are so sad," I said aloud, instead of in my head. " Shut up Alisa, you're only jealous." Lucas said. " Like hell am I, look at them, they are like leeches that just want to suck on to you both." I replied annoyed. Lucas and Mason just started laughing at me as we all got out of the car.

All the bimbo's and their teammates greeted Lucas and Mason, While I avoided them all, and went straight into school to meet up with Sky and Autumn, my best friends. The three of us are nothing alike, as Sky is only five ft. five, slim build, with green eyes, a pale complexion and bright auburn hair, while Autumn is six ft. five, medium build, blue eyes, olive skin and jet-black hair. We, however, have one thing in common though, and that is the hate for the popular's and their cheap followers.

After greeting and hugging each other, as we do every morning, we headed to our lockers. Which luckily for us, were all next to each other. Well that was the one good thing about being the Alphas daughter. As my father had spoken with the headmaster, so that the three of us could be in every class together and our lockers together.

School flew by today, as the girls and I were so excited, about going to the mall to pick our dresses out for my party. Arriving at the malls parking lot, I looked for the nearest available space to the malls main entrance. As soon as I parked up, we all ran for the stores. Walking through the mall, we were going through every store. As we exited Forever 21, we bumped straight into a group of boys.

I recognized a couple of them, from LA Strikers. " Hey sexy ladies where are you off too?" one of them asked, his voice was so creepy. "Well anywhere you're not." I replied in a cocky tone. His friends all started laughing, which didn't seem to go down well with him. " Cat got your tongue "I asked him sarcastically, which only made him scowl at me. I walked off, dragging Sky and Autumn along with me.

"Hey Alisa, what you doing, he was so fine "Sky whined. "Yeah Alisha, did you see them, did you?" Autumn whined at me too. " Look, you two can stay if you want, but I have a dress to buy." I replied flatly. They both sighed when I headed into the next store.

After a couple of hours, I finally found a dress that I liked. It was gorgeous; it was a cherry red, silk strapless dress. It hugged over my chest, and then flowed down to just above my knees. I loved it; feeling so excited about my dress, I also bought a pair of shoes to match. Having loads of accessories at home, I knew that I would have something, which would go amazing with it. So making my way to the checkout, I heard Sky and Autumn. "we will meet you outside" they shouted, as they made their way out of the store.

As soon as I paid, I headed out of the shop only to see them talking with the boys we had bumped into earlier. I could see, the pair of them flirting as I made my way over towards them. " Hey "I greeted them all. "Hey" they all replied. I could see there were more of them this time, I quickly scanned them all, and when I noticed the brightest eyes, I have ever seen. I could not break away from them; it was as if they were hypnotizing me. I felt my heart speed up, but then Sky slapped me, breaking my eyes away from his. "Bye boys" Sky and Autumn said together, as they pulled me out of the mall, towards my car.

As soon as I got in the car, they started. "What the hell happened back there Alisa?" Sky asked, while Autumn just stared at me, waiting for the reply." I told them about blue eyes. "They both just stared at me in disbelief. As I am not usually the one who usually falls easily. However, there was something about him, which just seemed to hook me.

All that night, all I could think of, was those blue eyes. The way they sparkled, god, he was gorgeous, I thought to myself. I couldn't believe that for the first time ever, I was actually crushing on blue eyes.


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