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Me: I reach into the bag and as I feel around something cuts my finger. I pull my hand out, with the item, and notice it's an arrow head. 'Oh shit.' "Clint?"

Tony: "Good going Legolas."

Clint: "Crap! (N/N) are you ok?!"

Me: "Yeah Clint, I'm fine. It's just a nick, trust me I've been through worse. Most of which sparring with you!" I flash a goofy smile and he relaxes. He takes out a band-aid and puts it on my finger. He then takes my hand and leads me to the closet. Once the door locks Clint lets go. My hand is immediately cold and I wish for his hand back. "Sorry Clint."

Clint: "For what?"

Me: "I picked you item. I'm sure you wanted someone else." 'Nat.'

Clint: "No it-it's fine. I should be the one apologizing for putting that as my item." She smiles a little and my pulse speeds up. "Did you want someone else?" 'She probably wanted Steve.'

Me: His question catches me off guard so I answer, "No!" 'Crap!' "I-I mean, I'm glad it was you."

Clint: I look at her and see her face turn red. I start to blush too. "M-Me too." I take her hand again and her face goes completely red. "(Y/N)." I move my fingers to cup her chin and I lift it so she is looking at me instead of the floor. I bring my head down and catch her lips with mine. She froze as I move my hand to her waist. I pull back and she looks like a deer in the headlights. "(Y/N)?" She doesn't speak. "(Y/.....)" I didn't get to finish before she jumped up and cut me off with her lips. I catch her and lift her up against the wall. Her legs wrap around my waist and when her mouth opens I take the chance. I move my tongue inside and we fight for dominance. I win and it leaves her breathless. I move to her neck and trail kisses down till I reach to top of her v-neck and my hand moves under it. She gently pushes my head back the quickly takes off her shirt. I move us to the floor and continue to kiss any skin I can. I reach behind her and un-clasp her bra then take it off as she removes my jacket and shirt. She flips us, so now I am on the bottom, and kisses me again. She moves to my neck and starts to grind her hips against mine. *groan* "(Y/N)." I moan her name and flip us again. I take her right breast in my hand and assault her left with my mouth. She moans loudly as I dry-hump her slowly. Her hands move to my hair as she pulls me up to her lips. Then her hands go to my buckle and unfasten it. I let my hands roam her body when the door opens slightly.

Nat: "Clint, I'm glad you finally told her, but the game was over 10 minutes ago."

Me: Clint stops and we both scramble to get dressed. Once dressed we attempt to straiten our hair and before we go out Clint kisses me once more.

Clint: "(Y/N) I love you. Be my girl?"

Me: "Only if your my boy." We step out and my mom is standing in the corner shaking her head smiling at us.

Fury: "Agent Barton listen carefully. She so much as sheds one tear and you ass is mine. Understood?"

Clint: "Yes sir." (Y/N) takes my hand and leads me to her room were we continue our previous actions. Needles to say, no one saw us for the rest of the night, but they defiantly heard us.

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