Bonus: Loki

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Me: I reach into the bag and feel around till my hand brushes something cold and metallic. I pull it out to find a gold bracelet. "Umm?"

Tony: "Wait, who's item is that?"

Me: "You don't know?!"

Thor: "Brother, is that not your bracelet?"

Loki: "Sadly yes."

Me: I turn to see a tall, dark, and handsome stand up. I've never seen him before but I have heard of him from the battle of NewYork. I automatically hated him. Especially since he killed Phil. I still don't know how he convinced the Avengers to let him join the team. He looks at me and I glare at him. I toss him his bracelet then angrily go into the closet. *growl*

Loki: I catch my bracelet and with a surprised, and slightly amused, face I follow her.

Me: I plop down on a box by the back wall as Loki comes in. Tony closes the door and Loki just stands there and stares at me. I look up at him and meet his gaze with a glare. He starts glaring at me we have a mini staring contest. 'Why did it have to be him? And why did he have to be cute?! No, bad (Y/N) he's not cute he's EVIL!!! And cute.'

Loki: *sigh* "This is pointless. I do not understand the purpose of this game if all you are going to do is glare at me. What is this game even about?"

Me: Suddenly remembering what the game was my face heats up. "It's simple. 1 person puts an item in a bag and another person draws it. Then they both spend 7 minutes locked in a closet together."

Loki: "What are we suppose to be doing in here?'

Me: "Traditionally, this is a make-out game." I sigh and move my gaze to the ground. "Why did you do it?"

Loki: "I assume you are referring to my attack on Midgard 1 year ago."

Me: *nods* "You killed my dad."

Loki: I lower my head. "A lot of people were killed by the Chatari in New York. I am sorry."

Me: *starts crying* "Not the Chatari, you. YOU killed my dad! Phil Coulson, YOU KILLED HIM!!!! BEFORE the battle of New York!"

Loki: "Coulson.......was your father?"

Me: "Not father, Dad, I never knew my father. Phil helped my mom take care of me when I was little and he was my mentor at the academy. He was my dad.....and I never got to tell him."

Loki: She starts to cry and my chest hurts. 'Why dose seeing her cry hurt?' "I am sorry. I know that cannot help, but I am sorry."

Me: "Why."

Loki: "I was angry. Odin gave the throne of Asgard to Thor and I felt it should be mine. I tried to take it and failed. I was so full of hatred and anger, because everyone loved Thor more than me, I found the Chatari. I made a deal with them to concur Midgard. It was not until long after I failed I started to see how wrong I was. I was locked in Asgardian prison until Thor came to me for help. I agreed and we saved his maiden as well as Asgard, but at the price of my mother. Because I helped Thor, Odin changed my sentence. I am to help rebuild the world I once tried to destroy. When I returned I finally saw what I really did and nothing I can do could truly fix it."

Me: "Thor told me about you. How Odin adopted you and treated you like a son, only to slap the truth in your face. What you have done was horrible and inexcusable," He looks down ashamed. "but what you do now is up to you, and that is what matters. You obviously regret what you have done and according to the team you have done nothing, but try to help. I am angry about the loss of my dad, but I forgive you." What I do next shocks both of us. I kiss him.

Loki: She stood up and walked over to me as she was speaking. Then at the end she put her hand on my chest and gently pressed her lips against mine. I stiffen then slowly move my arms around her. I close my eyes and deepen the kiss. She wraps her arms around my waist and breaks the kiss.

Me: 'What the hell?! Why did I just kiss him? Why did he kiss back?' I lay my head on his chest as his arms wrap me in a cool hug. "I forgive you." 'He may not be so bad.'

Loki: I burry my nose in her hair and breath in her sent. "May I court you?"

Me: 'Court? Wait, dose he mean DATE?!'

Loki: "I apologize, but there is something about you. You make me regret all my previous actions and make me want to do better. To try whatever I can to help you. I could never make amends for your loss, but I would like to try."

Me: "Call me crazy, but I'd love to court you." He kisses me again just as the door opens.

Tony: "Hey (Y/N), times up. Sorry I made you go in with......WOAH HELLO!!!!!"

Me: We break apart but Loki takes my hand.

Thor: "Congratulations Brother!!!"

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