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-Just forget the Bruce x Darcy at the beginning-

Me: I put my hand in the bag and feel around a bit till my hand finds a pair of glasses. I pull them out and instantly recognize them as none other than my new friend and favorite doctor's. "Dr. Banner."

Tony: "HULK SMASH!! OW!"

Me: Pepper hit him upside the head as Dr. Banner stood up.

Bruce: "You're a child Tony."

Me: He goes into the closet and I soon follow. I find him sitting against the back wall and sit next to him. "Here I cleaned them for you."

Bruce: "Thank you (Y/N)." It is silent for a while till I see her shiver. "Are you cold?"

Me: "A little. It's kinda chilly in here huh?" He nods and puts his arm around me then pulls me to his side. "D-Dr. Banner?"

Bruce: *sigh* "You know, you can call me Bruce."

Me: I blush a little and let my head rest on his shoulder. I see his face redden. 'He's really warm. I heard he has a higher body temperature because of the Hulk.' I wrap my arms around him and hug him.

Bruce: When she hugs me I tense up. "(Y-Y/N)."

Me: "You won't hurt me." I nuzzle into the crook of his neck. "Hulk won't either. I trust you, both of you." He wraps his arms around me slowly then buriers his nose in my hair. I am so at piece right now I start to sing. ("Looking Trough Your Eyes" by: Leaan Rimes)

"Look at the sky
Tell me what do you see
Just close your eyes
And describe it to me
The heavens are sparkling
With starlight tonight
That's what I see
Through your eyes
I see the heavens
Each time that you smile
I hear your heartbeat
Just go on for miles
And suddenly I know
My life is worth while
That's what I see
Through your eyes
Here in the night
I see the sun
Here in the dark
Our two hearts are one
It's out of our hands
We can't stop what we have begun
And love just took me by surprise
Looking through your eyes
I look at myself
And instead I see us
Whoever I am now
It feels like enough
And I see a girl
Who is learning to trust
That's who I see through your eyes
And there are some things we don't know
Sometimes a heart just needs to go
And there is so much I'll remember
Underneath the open sky with you forever

When I finish the song Bruce turns my head to face him. His eyes are so full of love I can't help but return the look. With his hand on my cheek he leans down and places a soft kiss on my lips. As he goes to pull away I move with him to catch his lips again. The kiss is slow at first but is soon full of passion and love. His tongue asks permission and I gladly grant it. Our tongues dance and swirl as he pulls me closer so there is no gap between us. We break for air and he pulls me to his chest. This time his arms are stronger and feel more secure. "I love you Bruce."

Bruce: I hear those words and sigh happily. "I love you too." I feel the other guy relax, as he only dose around her, and I hold her closer.

Me: I close my eyes and the door opens.

Tony: "Times up you two."

Me: Tony smiles softly as we come out. I take Bruce's hand and we sit on the couch. I snuggle back into him and he smiles.

Nat: "Pay up Clint."

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