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Me: "When I agreed to become an Avenger I was not aware that meant getting drunk off my ass first." I slur at Nat. Tony decided to throw me a "Happy birthday/Welcome to the team" party and seeing as it was my 21st birthday he went all out with the alchohal.

Nat: "Look on the bright side. You are now $5,000 richer."

Me: "Yeah drinking contest with Tony Stark. Sooo worth it."

Clint: "Happy birthday (n/n)!! Pepper took Tony to the bathroom."

Me: "Awwww Pepperony!!"

Steve: "Pepperony?"

Me: "It's an OTP! One True Pairing! I have several. Pepperony, Clintasha, Furill, Steggy, The list goes on."

Nat: "What's Clintasha?"

Me: I smile at Clint who is blushing. "Clint x Na......." I am stopped by Clint slapping his hand on my mouth. 'OW!'

Clint: "It doesn't matter."

Me: I lick his hand and he retreats wiping it off. "Natasha."

Nat: "What?"

Me: "Nothing." I got to dance as my favorite song plays. 'Tony sure knows how to throw a party.' It wasn't big just a few good friends and family. My mom (Who is single just for the story) is at the bar flirting with the bartender. 'Mom!' Uncle Furry is off in a corner talking to Hill. 'Furill!!' Darcy is talking with Bruce about gamma radiation. 'Ooooo a new one. Darce, Brarcy, Bruce x Darcy?' I then see Thor and Jane chatting on the couch.

Tony: "Ok everyone, we are going to play a game!"

Me: 'I have a bad felling about this.'

Tony: "Everyone put something in the bag." passes out bag.

Me: The bag gets to me and I am about to put my bracelet in when Tony stops me.

Tony: "Not you birthday girl. You get to go first."

Me: "What are we playing Stark?"

Tony: "7 MINUTES IN HEAVEN!!!! Now pick!"

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