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Me: He shoves the bag in my face and I cautiously stick my hand in. I feel around for a bit then pick up a lighting bolt key chain. Racking my brain I come to a startling conclusion. "Thor."

Tony: "Pop-tart your up!"

Me: Tony grabs him and shoves him into the closet then gets me and dose the same. I stumble a little and fall into a large chest as I hear the door lock. "Sorry."

Thor: "It is alright Lady (Y/N)."

Me: It gets silent for a minute till...

Thor: "I do not understand this game."

Me: "Um well, basically you spend 7 minutes locked in a closet or room with someone."

Thor: "What are we suppose to be doing?"

Me: 'Kissing.'

Thor: "Oh we are?"

Me: "Oh crap. I said that out loud didn't I?"

Thor: "Yes."

Me: He pushes me up against the wall and his strong hand lift me. On instinct my legs wrap around his waist. "Th-Thor what..." He cuts me off by smashing his lips into mine. I gasp and he pushes his tongue in. "Mmm-mm!" Our tounges battle as I try to push him away. The kiss clouds my senses and I finally give in. My hands wrap around his neck and get lost in his long hair. My legs tighten around him and his hands move. his right hand moves to hold me up while his left goes to cup my right breast. Our tongues swirl around each other and dance as we both explore each other's mouths. Eventually we had to break for air and I am panting hard. "Thor *pant* what....what about Jane?"

Thor: "What about Lady Jane?"

Me: "Aren't you two together?"

Thor: "Most certainly not. I cannot be with Lady Jane when I love someone else."

Me: "Who?"

Thor: "You of course!"

Me: *blush* "I love you too Thor." As I say that Thor continues our previous actions. This time his hand moves against my breast. "Mmmm!" I moan as his hips start grinding me against the wall. I am so lost in pleasure I don't even notice him unbuttoning my shirt till his hand cups my bra-clad breast. My body gets so hot as I feel the tent in his pants. He moves his mouth to my neck and starts to lick, suck, and even bite a little. When he reaches a spot on my neck i let out a loud moan. he hears this and starts attacking the spot. I am moaning non-stop as he leaves his mark on my skin. Suddenly the door opens by a very angry Furry.


Me: Thor drops me softly on the floor and steps in front of me. I hurry to button up my shirt as everyone crowds around the door.

Tony: "Whoo, Thor get some!!"

Me: Pepper hits him upside the head and as I finish up straining my outfit Nat speaks.

Nat: "So...What happened?"

Thor: "Lady (Y/N) and I are now lovers!!"

Everyone: *Jaw drop*

Me: "THOR!!!"

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