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Me: I put my hand in the bag cautiously. I pull out the fist item I can and it is a pair of dog tags. I read the name. "Steve Rogers."

Tony: "Your up Capsicle!"

Steve: "Ma-am."

Me: He holds out his hand and I take it. We walk into the closet and Tony locks the door. "Hey, Cap? Do you know what we are suppose to be doing in here?"

Steve: "Tony told me, but I don't believe he was being truthful."

Me: "Oh? What did he say?"

Steve: "He told me that when two people go into the closet they are suppose to attack each other, but this dose not seem like a good place to spar."

Me: "Um, I don't think that was the kind of attacking he meant." I look down quickly in a desperate attempt to hide my blush.

Steve: "I don't understand."

Me: I look at him and I swear he turned into  a clueless puppy. 'He's adorable.' I've become more comfortable around Steve than any other Avenger, even Nat. He is so nice and polite. He would never hurt me. Nor would he make a move on me and for some reason that saddens me. He would complement my looks or fighting skills, but he would never make a pass at me. Unlike Tony who was doing it every time I turned around. Looking at him now I realize the only way for him to notice me is if I make the move. 'Screw it!' I take his face in my hands and smash my lips with his. He froze on contact and I move to push him against the wall. His hands move to my waist then I take them and spin him so he falls to the ground softly. I then move to straddle his waist and pin his hands to the floor before I continue my previous actions. This makes him gasp and I push my tongue in his mouth. Our tongues fight for a bit and somehow I won. My own shyness melted as I claimed dominance over the super solder. I break the kiss panting and look into his eyes. I see a mix of emotions, surprise, amaze, shyness, and lust. I lean my head down and whisper in his ear, "I love you Captain." I nibble on his ear as he sucks in a sharp breath.

Steve: "I-I love you too."

Me: I look at his face again and smile. I kiss him again, this time letting go of his hands so he can wrap them around me. I break the kiss then move to his neck. I kiss and bite a little till I reach a spot on his neck that make him let out a soft moan. Hearing that I abuse the spot relentlessly. I finish marking him and he pulls me up for another kiss. Our tongues dance as I start to grind on his hips.

Steve: "Na-ahh!"

Me: He moans loudly, breaking the kiss, as I speed up. "Mmmmm!" Both of us start moaning as he pulls me down for another hot make-out session. Suddenly the door flies open.

Tony: "TIMES UP!!!!"

Me: Steve and I freeze as we turn to see everyone rush to the door.

Nat: "Damn (Y/N), I did not peg you for a top!"

Me: "Well we all know he was never going to do it." I get off Steve and stand up. I smooth out my shirt then help him up.

Mom: "Yep, she's my kid!"

Fury: "(M/N), I'm not sure that is a good thing."

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