A/N 2

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Ok first off 10k reads!!! How the f*** did that happen??? I'm ecstatic y'all are the absolute best! I wrote this story for my sister and posted it on dare I never imagined people would actually read it. I've been going through some rough sh*t for the past few years and my confidence has been rock bottom so the fact you people actually like this is beyond me. That being said I love each and every one of you sweet darlings and (as soon as I get around to seeing the next Avengers movie) I will be adding new chapters. I hope y'all enjoy this book and I swear I read everyone of your comments. Love you and see you soon. Kisses 😘😘💙💙💙💙

(PS: Go check out my other book The Chocolatier's Delicate Flower new chapters on the way)

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