The Movie You Watch Together ✔️

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The Movie You Watch Together


Warm Bodies

You two always watch Warm Bodies because it reminds you of how you acted when you first found out about Derek. How you were scared, but slowly began to have feelings towards him; him falling in love at first sight. And then everyone trying to keep you apart until they realized it was for the best.


The Internship

You love watching The Internship because you always tease Stiles about how you think he looks like the guy Stuart. He gets annoyed when you call Stuart hot, but when you remind him that they looks exactly like each other he pulls you close and let's say things get heated pretty quickly.


Breakfast Club

Scott loves the Breakfast Club, and it is the go to movie on sleepover nights. You bring the popcorn, and both of you settle down on a couch snuggling and saying the lines quietly.



You hate scary movies, and that's one of the reasons he insists on watching them. You always cower into his chest, and he whispers cute things in your ear. You hardly pay attention to the movie and fall asleep quickly. Isaac watched before bringing you upstairs and kissing your forehead.



Aiden always wanted to watch the movie Heathers because he liked the idea of a couple killing people at your school. Not as romantic as you would hope, but you knew he would never do that in real life. Well at least you hoped.



Jackson and you enjoy watching movies that frustrate and thrill you. ATM is definietly a movie where you yell at the characters who do the dumbest things. Movies that get your heart racing are a must on most nights.


Bate's Motel

You and Peter aren't really big movie people. You enjoy just sitting down and binging on a tv show. And at the moment Bate's Motel is your obsession.



You and Liam are comic book nerds, so Marvel movies are always a go-to, even though Liam argues that Superman is way better.


The Imitation Games

You are obsessed with Benedict Cumberbatch, so when you heard he had a new movie coming out, you bought and watched it with Jordan. The movie ended up being amazing and now it's you and Jordan's favorite movie.


High School Musical 1,2,&3

You and Brett always enjoy having a throw back night. That includes all disney movies. HSM 1-3 is always at the top of that list. Singing along to the lyrics is one of your favorite things to do together.

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